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  • Stereotypes And Differences In Children's Toys

    children’s toys, when I visited two specific places to really see the similarities and differences gender messages. This theme is very important in our society because all the different toys, products is a factor in how it is influencing girls to be more attracted to girl targeted toys. As also it is a big factor in boy’s lives too in what types of toys that influence them in our society. As I really tired to observe and look for different aspects in the difference in boy’s and girl’s…

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  • Star Wars: Gender-Typed Toys

    Rey, was the only main character who did not have that many toys made of her, even though she was the most demanded. The creators claimed that they had plenty of toys planned for Rey, but many believe that this is all just gender-biased, and that the girl toys are not as important as the boy toys. For example in the article “Asleep at the switch? “Force Awakens” heroine missing from toy line” it says,”The company wanted to avoid giving away a key plot point where Rey picks up the lightsaber…

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  • Baby X Research Paper

    After reading the Baby X document as well as watching the TedX I really thought about how much my family’s lives have revolved around gender roles. Growing up I was raised as a normal female child would be. My mother had me playing with Barbie dolls, baking, playing dress up, and of course I loved the color pink as it was in most of the items of clothing I wear. My brothers on the other hand both grew up playing legos, and their room has always been painted blue. When we were younger they both…

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  • Women In The Renaissance Era

    In 1292 – 1069 B.C., ancient Egypt presented a basic idea of feminine beauty standards. In this era, women were ideally built with a slender torso, narrow shoulders, high waistlines, and symmetrical faces. These specific female attributes became ideal in society because women were encouraged in their independence and beauty (Fletcher, 2011). It was also during this time wherein society promoted a sex-positive environment where pre-marital sex was entirely acceptable and women could divorce their…

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  • Comparing Magan's Sister And Araby

    house dreaming about Magan’s sister. He is in the dark where he can feel all his senses clearly. He keeps repeating “O love! O love!” many times while in this dark room. This thought he has of Magan’s sister is a perfect scenario where he gets the girl and everything is perfect. However, it could be stated that seldom does ones path ever work out the way one dreams or thinks it will. The narrator, talking to Magan’s sister, is typical of this rule. The boy forgot what he said to Magan’s sister…

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  • Miss Representation: Sexuality In The Media

    Miss Representation is an extremely eye-opening film—given I knew about sexuality in media but not to this extent. Throughout the movie, iconic and empowering women are shown to prove to the viewers that you do not need to be stick skinny, have the perfect hair or flawless skin to have a leadership role. Hattie Caraway, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Rosa Parks, Hilary Clinton, Indra Nooyi, Ursula Burna, Andrea Jung help to prove that empowered women do not need to use your sexuality to obtain…

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  • Barbies Body Image

    Barbies were first introduced in the late 1950’s and immediately pressed down on the way society views girls and how girls view themselves. negatively shape girls self-body image. Barbies have been a huge staple in children, mostly girls, childhood and this causes many girls to struggle with bad body images, also affect the way society sees women, and develop serious health issues. These affect the way women see themselves in the future. The Barbies so-called “perfect body” is unrealistic and…

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  • Catching Fire Symbolism

    She couldn’t care less. She had fathomed a cosmos of diversity in her own brain. Two worlds had converged, and she married them into one. She straddled the line between fictional and genuine, between the Queen of an unknown dynasty to a 13 year-old girl in Oregon. It provided a sense of overwhelming power to her, a single individual, too small, too silent to speak. Her reign in one place established her voice in…

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  • Cultural Identity Project

    were considered part of my household family. Now, it is just me and my husband. Since we were raised in two different countries that has somewhat affected our norms. I learned that when I was growing up gender roles were pretty much fixed. I am a girl so I was expected to behave like one. I grew up taking dance classes,…

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  • Halloween Descriptive Writing

    needs to be full as she took the courage to talk to her she said ”Trick or Treat smell my feet give me something good to eat! ”. As the middle aged women smiled and gave a huge handful of candy and placed it in the pail as the lady turned around the girl with the candy in the pail…

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