The Girl On The Milk Carton Analysis

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A theme is the central topic a text treats like the authors message to the reader , ¨Themes can be divided into two categories.´´ there can be many themes in a story. In the Book that i read ´´The girl on the milk carton´´ the theme is that Not everything is as it seems Also the theme of fantasy and versus reality. I think these are the two themes because in the story Janie had always thought that the family that she had been with was her family the whole time when it wasn´t and she had been kidnapped when she was little. Also fantasy and versus because she always had ´´Day mares¨ that which were uncomfortable images playing in her head and she has no idea what the meaning behind those day mares are and becomes worried that that they would …show more content…
That´s when she stated investigating and really trying to find answers. Janie is 15 years old that was supposedly kidnapped 14 years ago she realizes that her so called parents had kidnapped her when she was little so shes on a mission to find her real parents or where there at and her true identity. The theme could have tied in with tone and mood, The mood tied with theme because the mood is Trantic like the theme and the tone tied up with the theme because the tone is trying to to tell that the story if very intense and slow at the same time. The main theme is that Janie is trying to find out who she truly is and why this all happened and how it happened. In the story she never had a doubt that she was kidnapped or that her parents were never her actual parents when she found out she stated investigating and found a lot of clues and answers that she was looking for. She wanted to know where her parents were and her other life that she only had few to none memories of. It all made sense when she went to the attic and found a lot of evidence like the dress that she was wearing in the picture of the milk carton she also finds a copy of

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