Taming The Star Runner Title Essay

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Title: “Taming The Star Runner” The title makes me wonder what kind of horse The Star Runner was. It sparks my interest and makes me also wonder how he tamed the Star Runner. The title fits well with the book because in the book the main character was untamable like the Star Runner. I was excited to read another S.E. Hinton book. There were no pictures in this book.
Author: The author of Taming The Star Runner is S.E. Hinton. I have read two other books that she wrote, the first being the “Outsiders” and the other book being “Rumble Fish”.
Type of Book: This book was a fictional story.The main types of people that would like to read these books would be teenagers. I don't usually read these types of books. However I do enjoy reading books from
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Travis was sent off to live with his uncle Ken because he tried to kill Stan for hurting his mom. His mom always called Travis when he was at Ken's house which was a barn and was isolated by itself. Casey was a girl that Travis liked. Tim was Travis’ real dad and Stan was his step-dad. I liked Travis and Ken because Travis didn't like the way Stan was talking to his mom and stepped up. I liked Ken because at first, he was upset that Travis was with him but then ended up liking him. There were good and bad characters, Travis being a bad character at first for trying to kill his step-dad but in the end, maturing and being …show more content…
Another thing I liked about this book was that the main character went on an adventure and discovered himself. One thing in this book that worked for me was how Hinton transitioned pieces of the story. A good example of this is in the beginning when Travis was sent away from his mom and stepdad to go live with his uncle. This book is similar to S.E. Hinton’s other stories like “The Outsiders” and “Rumble Fish”. These stories all involve troubled youths living in hard times. Another common theme is that the main character in these stories don't really have parents. There might be a parent in the story but that parent isn't raising their kids. One major theme from this book was that the main character had a tough life and had a rough background. Despite this, he ended up being alright. The book appealed to me more in an emotional way than a logical way. I sympathized with the character throughout the entire

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