Essay On Women Stereotypes

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Going from a little girl to an eighteen year old women,stereotypes toward females have become apparent. Living in a society that revolves around social media,it is hard to avoid stereotypes and the shame they bring to girls. Men and boys also deal with stereotypes,but since I am a female certain stereotypes directly affect me. The stereotypes that society puts on women are appearance, their role, and actions. These stereotypes can negatively affect women;I know from experience.
The stereotype of women looking a certain way can be shown through social media,magazines,advertisements,and movies. They all portray a certain body image through models and characters. The “ideal” body image that is portrayed is being skinny,curvy,small, and overall beautiful. Having this constant pressure to be “perfect” can get to women and cause them to have low self esteem and lead to other major problems. From experience, growing up as a teenage girl I have constantly compared myself to other girls because the recurring reminder of the “perfect body”. Through advertisements
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Society stereotypes women as needing to be housewives or have easier jobs than men. Women are shown as weak who only can clean,cook,and take care of the children. Also, in the workforce they are seen as not being able to take on big jobs and should stay in positions where they are assisting. Being constantly reminded that since you are a woman you cannot take on challenges tends to lower self esteem to where they do not even try. I have experienced some of this in my life so far ,but not a ton due to the fact I am only eighteen. At my boyfriends house, it consists of him,his two younger brothers,his mom and dad. In total there are 4 boys and 1 woman;unless I am there then there are two women. When it is time for dinner my boyfriend 's mom has asked him to set the table. He rudely has replied with “Have Dallis set the table;She is a

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