Hell House Reflection

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I attend Hell House on October 30, 2016 at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill. For me, it was really eye opening and it mentioned topics that are very controversial right now (abortion, sex-trafficking, domestic violence, and racial discrepancies). It was powerful and I appreciate how they mentioned those topics that surround and engulf our media today. However, I did have some issues with the experience. Me, being a believer in Christ I realize that some people just need to hear the gospel more direct than others. I understand that people just need some kind of experience that gives them that reality check, but on the other hand I can definitely see how it could scare someone into believing in Christ. When I went, there were girls in my group who got so scared they started crying and cried the whole time, even after it was over. To me, some of the actors were actually pretty rude. Some yelled at us to hurry up (even though it was literally pitch black and we could not see a thing) and in the racial discrepancy room, there was a guy who stood in the corner and kept saying, “hurry up and get in here”, “fill in these gaps”, “it’s not that hard to get in a room”, “are you serious, Jesus”. I thought he was an actor and that was things that he had to say, …show more content…
I felt as if it was centered around hell and all of the bad things and they barely touched on Jesus and the hope that we can look forward to have in Him. They only covered the beating and his death on the cross, and then afterwards we went to a room and this man preached at us. Where is the Resurrection in this? That is the best part and that is one of the main things that separates us from other religions. Where is Heaven? Where is the place that we can look forward to spending eternity in? Those are two key components I feel like should have been implemented; instead it was more like, “here is hell and here is Jesus… He

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