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  • My Highschool Subject

    Math related subjects such as Algebra and Geometry were subjects that I would go as far as saying that I truly struggled in. As a child ,math seemed like the most pointless subject in the world. It was until I entered the 5th grade is when it started to get serious. Learning how to add and subtract numbers seemed easy, but never would I have thought that numbers could also be multiplied and divided. When…

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  • Mintek Case Study

    The three measuring systems include the cup and bob geometry, the double gap (concentric cylinders) geometry as well as the vane geometry. The double gap geometry is normally used to measure the viscosity of dilute slurries that settle very quickly, the vane geometry is used for concentrated slurries that do not settle easily (where a value of the yield stress is usually required), for this tests the bob and cup geometry was used for measurements at intermediate solids…

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  • Personal Narrative: Algebra

    Once again, I was horrified of the concept. I thought that if I struggled in Algebra, then I would struggle in Geometry. Nope! I was very wrong. I actually did not have any issues in the class, just a few minor misunderstandings. I passed with an A for both parts of the…

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  • Difference Between Heat And Heat Flow

    analysis of relations for heat transfer. However, simple empirical correlations with claimed accuracy for the average Nusselt number is used for heat transfer analysis in natural convection expressed as where and are the constants depending on the geometry of the surface and flow regime. For value of for laminar flow and turbulent flow are usually equal to and , respectively (Cengel, Y.A. 2007). 3.2 Basic Heat Transfer Heat is normally absorbed or rejected by a working substance at a…

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  • My Experience In High School

    so hard for me to understand. For example during my high school year in the eleventh grade, I had to take geometry. Math was always a hard subject for me. I had to take geometry in order for me to get my advanced diploma. Since I really wanted to achieve this goal, I started to study and stay after school for more help. I studied and I practiced it nonstop. By the time I had to take my geometry SOL, I was ready and I felt more confident on taking it. This taught me to not doubt myself and that…

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  • Penobscot Job Corp Center Reflection

    While observing the class, one student raised her hand and said, “Why do I need to learn geometry? It’s too hard and I am going to be a Certified Nurses Assistant, so it will not help me.” The teacher responded by saying, “Someday you will be a home owner, and you will need to know geometry to know how much carpet you will need to put in your house.” The student then looked puzzled and said, “Well can you help me with this problem then?”…

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  • A Turning-Point In Plato's 'Ion'

    The extent of Plato’s knowledge of mathematics is made apparent through his use of the subject within his written works. In Ion, an early dialog of Plato 's, Socrates uses analogical argument to get his point across. The thing that makes these arguments suitable for this paper is that they heavily rely on mathematics for the source of the example (Roochnik, p. 548). In Elenchus and Mathematics: A Turning-Point in Plato 's Philosophical Development, Vlastos gives a translated version of a…

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  • Socrates Pursuit Of Virtue Analysis

    While we have seen that Socrates is good at rejecting incorrect arguments, it is equally important to be able to identify correct ones. The Meno begins with Meno, a friend of Scorates, asking Socrates if virtue can be taught or is it an inborn quality that some posses from birth and others never will. Socrates and his friend then begin to perform an investigation into the nature and form of virtue. When they arrive at the question of how one may know and recognize virtue when it is found,…

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  • The Cantor Dust Analysis

    mimicking of the process that was used to create the fractal set. Another poet, Diana Der-Hovanessian, wrote a poem referring to another author’s poem about Euclid Geometry, and her poem was titled “Fractals”, showing her intention. She asks, “it was symmetry that we must contemplate/” (qtd. in Birkens & Coon, pg.158), referring to Euclidean Geometry but also to fractals as it possesses…

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  • My Procrastination In High School

    From the very moment I procrastinated, I knew that the only result ahead was a failure. When attending a school you are always told to plan ahead of time by being organized. However, I always preferred handling my academic work at a snail 's pace. Simply said, I procrastinated leaving everything to the last minute. For some people, being under pressure they tend to produce better results, but on the contrary that is never always the case. Through my personal experiences this didn 't necessarily…

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