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  • Villa Anbar Case Study

    Villa Anbar is a house designed by Nohad Al-turki and Peter Barber Architects. Villa Anbar is a fairly small residence and is executed under a tight budget, the villa is located in a middle-class area and it occupies a total area of 510-m2 and the plot size is 300-m2. The house is rectangular in shape and has a small courtyard in the centre with a single frontage on the west side street. The openings to the courtyard are small and appear to be scattered along the façade giving the villa an…

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  • The Influence Of Cell Phones

    Cell phones are helping, right? Cell phones are at the epicenter of modern convenience, right? True, since 1996, the percentage of Americans owning cell phones has doubled from 32 percent to 68 percent (Luxury). Could these electronic devices that people use every day actually be hurting them in the long run? In today’s world, the answer definitely is yes. In today’s society, life is all about staying up with the news and understanding minute events within the e-world of social media…

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  • Personal Narrative: Out Of The Shadows To Somewhere Peaceful

    Out Of the Shadows To Somewhere Peaceful My official birth certificate states that on November 25, 1998, at 11:46 a.m., I was born to Gracie Rangel and Eleasar Falcon. My place of birth of was in Mercy Hospital in Fresno, California. After my birth I went home with my mom. Since I was a child I couldn’t quite remember much of what happened. But I do know a few years after me, my sister, Gabrielle was born. My mom and father weren’t married so my mom left my dad. My mom said that my father…

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  • Quaker Oats: Branding Challenges: Quaker Oats

    Unfortunately, some companies have mismanaged their greatest asset—their brands. This is what befell the popular Snapple brand almost as soon as Quaker Oats bought the beverage marketer for $1.7 billion in 1994. Snapple had become a hit through powerful grassroots marketing and distribution through small outlets and convenience stores. Analysts said that because Quaker did not understand the brand’s appeal, it made the mistake of changing the ads and the distribution. Snapple lost so much…

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