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  • The Consequences And Effects Of Marijuana Addiction

    theories that can challenge the gateway effect theory. Morral, McCaffrey, and Paddock (2002) argue these associations could instead be explained as the result of a common factor—drug use propensity—influencing the probability of both marijuana and other drug use. This research helps show that if someone was open to marijuana use, then chances are that they were already open to other drug use. Even though this research suggests that marijuana isn’t necessarily a gateway drug, I believe that if an…

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  • Persuasive Essay Marijuana

    A problem America faces today is the fight for marijuana to be legalized in all fifty states. Would it be wise for the government to legalize recreational and medical use of marijuana? The U.S. can’t come to an agreement all together just to legalize and just profit off of it by taxing marijuana. People with wide chronic pain are requesting for the use of medical weed to help take the edge off of pain because they don’t want to take pills. Pills can lead to addiction and can hurt your body over…

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  • Essay On Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

    Many Americans believe marijuana should be legalized for all uses. There are also Americans who do not think marijuana should be legalized. There are many reasons why marijuana should be illegal, from harming individuals to leading to other drugs becoming legal. Some may disagree by saying marijuana is for someone’s own enjoyment and does not harm anyone else. Or saying legalizing marijuana will not harm the society, but will help it. These are a few points made, you may agree, disagree, or just…

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  • Roman Architecture: Similarities Between Roman And Present Day Architecture

    The innovations of ancient Roman architecture have stood the test of time. From the invention of concrete, to the round arch and the coliseum, the genius of Roman enterprise has clearly been demonstrated. Romans built structures for various reasons, including entertainment, administrative, and memorial purposes. Today, many structures are built for the same purposes, some using many hallmarks of Roman architecture. Though this is true, many of the differences between Roman architecture and…

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  • Roman Legacy Research Paper

    Do you know what the greatest Roman Legacy was? Luckily for you, I do! The Roman Legacy of architecture and engineering was definitely the most important and influential one. Although the many other legacies (including art; language/writing; philosophy, law, and citizenship) were also important, this particular legacy was the foundation of many modern wonders, as well as the inspiration for many important buildings. The quote "Rome fell but it's legacy lived on." means that although Rome fell,…

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  • Sumesian Civilization Research Paper

    According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a civilization is a well-organized and developed society. Sumer is an excellent example of that. Sumer was an advanced civilization that started around 5500 B.C.E. to 4000 B.C.E. and ended around 1700 B.C.E.. All civilizations have the seven characteristics of civilization; agriculture, technology, government, religion, language, social structure, and the arts. Sumer had sophisticated versions of all these characteristics. However, the three most…

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  • Amphitheater In Ancient Roman Architecture

    of bronze lettering. Some famous arches in Rome were the Arch of Constantine and the Arch of Septimius Severu. The earliest known triumphal arches date back to the 2nd century BCE. Many arches were free-standing symbolic monuments protected by steps so they were not accessible to the community. Just in Rome alone there were more than 50 triumphal arches, but many are not standing to this day due to the elements and battles. The arch of Augustus was built in 19 BCE to honour the emperor 's…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Etruscans As The Proto Romans

    were “proto-Romans” but that they were new age Greeks, and were a heavy part of the Greek influences in the Roman culture. One can see the similarities of the architecture in a few key examples. The first of which is the Porta Augusta. This gateway could mistake for Roman due to its design but is actual Etruscan. Now the reason people would mistake it for Roman is the fact that it is commonly though of that the Romans invented the archway. The…

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  • Tata Airlines Case Study

    early Boeing 747-200B shouted Ruler Ashoka (registered VT-EBD). This coincided alongside the introduction of the 'Palace in the Sky' livery and branding. A feature of this livery is the paintwork concerning every single airplane window, in the cusped arch style of windows in Indian palaces. In 1986 Air India seized transport of the Airbus A310-300; the airline is the biggest operator of this kind in traveler service. In 1988, Air India seized transport of two Boeing 747-300Ms in varied…

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  • Zaha Hadid Research Paper

    Bridge is an arch bridge in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Crosses Khor Al Maqta, carries 4 lanes each way and named after the country's principal architect and former president Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the 842m long bridge is said to be the most intricate bridge ever constructed. Its curved design arches evoke undulating sand dunes of the desert. The main function for the bridge is the third traffic route connecting the mainland to the island of Abu Dhabi and the new main gateway…

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