Persuasive Essay Marijuana

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A problem America faces today is the fight for marijuana to be legalized in all fifty states. Would it be wise for the government to legalize recreational and medical use of marijuana? The U.S. can’t come to an agreement all together just to legalize and just profit off of it by taxing marijuana. People with wide chronic pain are requesting for the use of medical weed to help take the edge off of pain because they don’t want to take pills. Pills can lead to addiction and can hurt your body over a long period of use. It has helped with certain medical issues such as glaucoma and chronic illness such as cancer. The older aged adults do not agree with the legalization throughout certain states because they have negative thoughts about weed. The …show more content…
Tobacco causes plack in the lungs whereas marijuana just causes irritation in the airways. The “high” effect on people is the THC stranded in the marijuana it’s a bronze like color and is waxy feeling and tobacco has the same texture. People believe the high from cannabis is scary or bad but you get high from cigarettes as some people call a head change. The Government doesn’t want weed legal just because it’s a narcotic and can be considered DUI if you’re operating a motor vehicle. The US will never be able to stop the use of marijuana. Crime rates would definitely go down because most arrest are due to people having some kind of substance. Cannabis is equal to most over the counter drugs if not less addictive and dangerous. If people are going to smoke weed it should be done in the privacy of your own home and not do it in public because it could get someone else high that might not want to be and could get someone in trouble or fired from certain jobs because of drug test. It is easy for people to bash weed and for people to agree with it but some just by their beliefs, religions and morals wont agree with it and will always fight this

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