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  • Quotes From Nightjohn

    because she’s a slave. But one night everything changed when NightJohn came along and taught her a few letters a night. Even though she now knows how to read and write there can be consequences for that and there were. The book “NightJohn” written by Gary Paulsen is about a slave Sarny who has the guts and bravery to learn letters and realizes that bravery can help you do anything. The first example of this is when NightJohn tells Sarny the next letter even though he has been punished(Page 79).…

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  • The Dogs Could Teach Me Analysis

    Many authors use description in their stories to create an affect on the reader such as Alice walker in “The Flowers” and Liam O'Flaherty in “The Sniper” but Gary Paulsen's story, “The Dogs Could Teach me”, demonstrated description the finest. Gary Paulsen's use of description in his story “The Dogs Could Teach Me”, had a huge impact on the reader in detail, compared to Alice Walker’s story. In his short story it states, “The trail crossed the stream directly at the top of a small frozen…

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  • Call Me Crazy Quotes

    Have you ever been scared? Of course you have, everyone has. The book “People Call me Crazy” was written by Gary Paulsen and it is about this boy who was scared of swimming in water. The book “Animal Distress Calls” was written by Eliot Schrefer and is about a girl that gets lost at the zoo. There is a point of freight for the main character in both stories. There are many similarities and differences such as setting and character traits. “People call me Crazy” and “Animal Distress Calls” have a…

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  • Gary Paulsen's 'The Dogs Could Teach Me'

    TIQA Essay The story “The Dogs Could Teach Me” by Gary Paulsen demonstrated the best example of description. In the story, it says “As I did, I kicked sideways, caught my knee on a sharp snag, and felt the wood enter under the kneecap and tear it loose.” This description of how his knee was torn makes you wince and clutch your own knee in pain as he describes how the injury happens. The explanation he gives makes you picture the vivid scene in action. Description is also shown where it says…

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  • Who Is The Bear In The Call Of The Wild

    Winter by Gary Paulsen, the main characters’ personalities are revealed by their thoughts and actions. The personalities of the main characters in each of these stories are quite similar because they think and act similarly. In Brian’s Winter, Brian believes that he and the bears have an understanding to leave each other alone, although the bears are unaware that it was an agreement. “[A]nd this thinking evolved into what Brian thought of as an understanding between him and the bears…”(Paulsen…

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  • Overcoming Obstacles In Life In Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

    and in the books Guts by Gary Paulsen and Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, this occurred. While obstacles can be very annoying and impede us from achieving goals, there are usually ways to overcome the obstacles such as {guts example}, {into the wild example}, and {life example}. In the long run, encountering obstacles and overcoming them helps us to become more resilient in all aspects of life and brings focus to our goals. One example of this is in Guts, where although Gary was faced with the…

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  • Night John Character Analysis

    Trust in Others Words In order to do the big things in life, you have to have trust. Without trust you will never have close friends or even be close to your family. In the book Nightjohn by Gary Paulsen, readers come to realize that it is important to trust your friends and family. First, Sarny had to trust what the older people were telling her when she wrote things in the dirt. She says “I wrote them down in the dirt with a stick and Mammy gave me a smack on the back of my head that…

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  • Fishbone's Song Analysis

    Fishbone's song is a book written by the one and only, Gary Paulsen. He is a well known author for his books on adventure, survival, and his nonfiction adventures. The book was published September 27, 2016. This is one of his new books that he has written and it's a great read. Story Line/Plot The book is about an orphan that was raised by a very wise old man. Out in the woods, in an old beautiful cabin, the wise old man had raised an orphan that he calls his own. This wise old man…

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  • Blue Dolphins Survival

    Guts was written by Gary Paulsen who also wrote Hatchet. What Guts is mainly about is the pilot that dies from a heart attack in Hatchet. But they were the only service available for thousands of square miles. Gary went on one call on a farm when a guy died in his arms from a heart attack and the last thing he did was look into Gary’s eye’s. When Gary came to write Hatchet and the scene where the pilot is dying, he remembered this…

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  • Darrell And Diffrences In The Bully

    in the novel the bully darrell mercer the protaginist in the novel given by his english teacher mr mitchel.Mr mitchel encourages Darrell to read hatchet by gary paulsen,so he can build toughness inside and out .when reading the novel darrell and the main character in the book hatchet have some similarities and diffrences. In the book hatchet a young man named Brian is on a private plane going to visit has father.In contrast,Darrell doesnt have a father anymore, because his father died in…

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