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  • Hatchet Quote Analysis

    If one day, everybody disappeared from your life, and it was just you to survive, do you think you could? Well if not, how long do you think you could survive on your own? In the nail-biting novel Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, Brian finds himself on the ground in the Canadian Wilderness. After the plane crash, there was nobody around to help him. It was a miracle that he was saved after fifty-four gut-wrenching days. He struggled many times, but used the materials he had to somehow craft weapons and…

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  • Analysis Of The War Prayer By Wilfred Owen

    American Author Gary Paulsen once said “the essence of war is insanity. Destruction, death, women widowed, children orphaned, lands plundered, property destroyed, lives decimated一 it’s all bad.” Paulsen describes war, detailing the intimate and horrific details that occur throughout war. The words he employs display the harshness of war, conveying feelings of sadness and a state of uneasy. The ideas surrounding war are further examined in three different pieces of work; “The War Prayer” by Mark…

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  • Book Report Hatchet

    Maybe almost everyone of you had thought about it once, at least. It was fun for me to think about that subject. It was interesting to think about what am I going to dop without no one's help. Completely alone. The book Hatchet that is written by Gary Paulsen is about that imagination. Actually, it is not imagination for Brian, the main character, but he is in the book that we had finished before, and it was fiction novel. Body: This story broke out for 54 days. Brian, the main character…

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  • Hatchet And Lord Of The Flies Comparative Essay

    divorce and ‘the Secret.’ It is when the pilot dies and the plane crashes that Brian’s initiation begins. The initiation portion is majority of the story then finally, Brian is rescued, denoting his return. Instead of just ending with Brian’s rescue, Gary Paulsen also gives an epilogue, explaining what happened to Brian after the rescue. Being stuck in the wilderness after being in a plane crash helps naturally set of this structure. By being in the plane crash, Brian is forcibly separated from…

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  • The Importance Of Literacy In English Language Arts

    correct math equations and steps. With the enchantments of literacy in math, came improvement of literacy in English Language Arts. The teacher candidate observed a “Literacy Block” every week in her classroom. The class is reading “Woods Runner” by Gary Paulsen. The majority of the time, the teacher will read aloud to the students as they follow along in their own books at their desks. Jim Trelease says, “Reading aloud to children helps them develop and improve literacy skills -- reading,…

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  • Call Of The Wild: A True Hero

    Throughout works of literature, past and present, there always have been heroes, but those heroes have different qualities and situations to conquer. But what guidelines do authors follow to create a hero? Buck, the hero in The Call of the Wild, by Jack London, is a good example of a hero created by an author with three points in mind. The three points that make Buck, among other heroes, great are him being able to be an ordinary dog still be the hero, his ability to adapt, and his mortality.…

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  • Big Sarah's Little Boots Essay

    Big Sarah’s Little Boots by Paulette Bourgeois and illustrated by Brenda Clark, 1987 This book is about a little girl that gets really upset because she thinks that her boots are shrinking even though it is really her that is growing.Children should read this for the purpose of learning that when they grow they need to get rid of the clothes that do not fit anymore. At the end the girl realizes she needs new boots that fit and she gives hers to her brother. This book could teach kids to give…

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  • Themes In Gary Paulsen's Hatchet

    fields next to my parent's house were our home. Alone in the wilderness we had to survive on our own; find food, build a bivouac and make a fire. To get the needed knowledge we just had to read up on it in my scouting manual. Brian, the protagonist in Gary Paulsen's novel “Hatchet” written in 1987, also has “to survive […] in the woods” (J) – alone and without any manual. The topic of the tale told in this book is similar to themes in Paulsen's other works (J). “Hatchet” is followed by four more…

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  • Persuasive Essay About How To Survive In The Wild

    Ky VanderWoude Mr. De Jong Language Arts October, 17, 2017 Survival Essay Introduction In this essay I will be telling you how to survive in the wild, what mistakes you can not make and examples. First I will be telling you about shelter, after that food, fire, mistakes and then examples. Hopefully this helps you if you're ever stranded or lost. Shelter Shelter is a big part when it comes to survival. If you don’t have a good, stabilized shelter that could cost you your life. One key thing you…

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  • Short Book Report On Hatchet

    Have you ever wondered having to adapt to an environment you've never faced before? Well, in this novel, “Hatchet”, published by Gary Paulsen, points out that anyone can survive on their own, if they adapt to their environment . Twelve year old Brain was a New Yorker living in his mom house for the summer and living with his dad during school. His parents were divorced when he was younger. He was going on a trip back to his dad’s house on a private plane. Brian was on a private plane flying to…

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