Quotes From Nightjohn

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The story NightJohn is about a girl named Sarney who is a slave and isn’t educated at all. She wants to learn to read and write but can’t because she’s a slave. But one night everything changed when NightJohn came along and taught her a few letters a night. Even though she now knows how to read and write there can be consequences for that and there were. The book “NightJohn” written by Gary Paulsen is about a slave Sarny who has the guts and bravery to learn letters and realizes that bravery can help you do anything.

The first example of this is when NightJohn tells Sarny the next letter even though he has been punished(Page 79). What happened right before this is he had his two middle toes cut off for teaching Sarny how to read and write. This goes to show that NightJohn and Sarny want to learn no matter the consequences. They have been told and warned repeatedly to not learn to read and write but still continue on. This proves that they had the guts to overcome the fears with the bravery that they had in mind.

Another example is when NightJohn runs away to the North on only 8 toes (Page 82). This point also comes at a tough time in the story when Waller catches NightJohn teaching Sarny how to read and write. This shows that Nightjohn will come back but he doesn’t know when because he doesn’t want the dogs to catch him. But if he
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Don’t you want to learn the rest of the letters” (Page 85). This is as soon as NightJohn gets back from running away and Waller doesn’t know that he came back and he will already get a punishment if Waller see’s NightJohn, but it would be bigger if he caught him learning again. This is important because it shows that they are willing to take the punishment if they get caught. That takes a lot of a bravery because they know what they are in for if they get caught. Plus they have been caught many times before so it could be much worse this time if they are

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