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  • Comparing Electric Summer And People Call Me Hard

    Two stories that show not giving up is Electric Summer and People call me crazy. Electric summer is a story written by Rebecca Peck and about a girl named Mary that was forced to go to the fair with her mom and family when she never liked fairs. Gary paulsen a author of the story People call me crazy is about a little boy named thatcher overcame his fear of big reservoirs of water and he saved his friend from the water when they were trying to find a way back to camp. People call me…

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  • Coyote Runs And Brennan Language Analysis

    “Something was there with him, in him, around him. He could feel it. Some other thing was there.” The author uses descriptive language so the readers can feel Brennan’s connection with Coyote Runs spirit. In the novel, Canyons, by Gary Paulsen, the author uses figurative language and descriptive writing to describe the relationship between Coyote Runs and Brennan. One technique the author uses to connect the relationship between Coyote Runs and Brennan is descriptive language. In the story, the…

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  • Charles Goddard: Mississippi River Boyhood

    Charles Goddard was born in Union County, Pennsylvania, May 14, 1845. When he was seven he moved to Winona with his family in 1852. Although his mother was very respected in his community he actively took part in the pursuit of a Mississippi River boyhood and was blamed for starting a fire which got out of control and burned down a few buildings. His adventuresome nature was characterized in his September 21, 1863 letter. Charles was mustered into Company K of the 1st Minnesota Regiment on April…

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  • Hatchet Novel Analysis

    Setting (Helena Kim) Originally in Hatchet, Brian lands in the Canadian Wilderness. However in Abandoned, Britney would land in the desert. Desert is hostile place to survive for human or either animals. It has lack of vegetation, water and has barren landscape. This would make the audience to wonder, ‘how would a young girl survive in a desert?’ The harsh environment of the desert would create more tense than a Canadian Wilderness. Also for most of the teenagers, desert is an abstract place…

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  • Soldier's Heart Character Analysis

    Soldier’s Heart Essay~ Gary Paulsen Is Life in the army what Charley expected? No it wasn’t what Charley expected. Nobody thought it Would be so bad. All of the politicians and newspapers said it would be a month or two, no longer than that. They said it would be over by the fall.So, Charley thought why not? Charley joined the volunteer army at 15, And came out at 23. He enlisted in the Union Army during the civil war, saying it will be more exciting than a…

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  • Red Badge Of Courage And Soldier's Heart Comparison

    Scott Hays Mrs. Sites English II 19 September 2016 Comparing and Contrasting between Soldier’s Heart and Red Badge of Courage Did the author of Soldier’s Heart, Gary Paulsen, read the book Red Badge of Courage and copy the story line to write his book? There are only a few differences in the story line of the two books, there will be some listed below. There are several Comparisons in between the two books, some of these will also be listed below. Soldier’s Heart and Red Badge of Courage are…

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  • External Conflict In Gary Paulsen's Lawn Boy

    The fictional novel, Lawn Boy, by Gary Paulsen, is about a boy who is given a lawn mower for his birthday. The story takes place in Lawn Boy’s neighborhood, in the garage at his house. When he gave his gift a test ride, his neighbor asked him if he could mow his lawn, and Lawn Boy said "yes." More and more people paid him to mow their lawns, and a business was born. However, there is an external conflict that takes place in the story. One problem Lawn Boy had in the story was that he…

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  • Hatchet Summary

    Hatchet is an adventure fiction story written by Gary Paulsen. It sets in the middle of the woods in Canada during the summertime. The main characters name is Brian Robeson who is thirteen years old. Brian can be described as brave for not giving up on surviving even though the only thing he has is the clothes on his back and a hatchet his mom gave him. All alone after the plane crashed stuck in the middle of nowhere. Brian wants to survive, because he wants to live happy life, he doesn’t…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Hatchet

    I think it is safe to say that if you are alone in the Canadian wilderness in an unknown situation it is no one’s ideal situation. But in the book Hatchet written by Gary Paulsen, that is what happens to 13 year old Brian Robeson when he is going to Canada to visit his dad. But when the plane he is flying in crashes because of the pilots sudden heart attack, He is stranded in the Canadian wilderness where Brian is isolated and stranded and has nothing but his hatchet and himself to try to…

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  • Red Badge Of Courage And Soldier's Heart Comparison Essay

    Interested in the bloody, action-packed Civil War? Then read the books Soldier’s Heart by Gary Paulsen and Red Badge of Courage by Steven Crane. The similarities between these two books are extremely uncanny. There are slight differences in the two books, though there are very few. These include the ages of the two soldiers, their origins, and minor differences in wounds. There is a heaping pile of similarities between the two novels that includes the war they fought in, all the way to both main…

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