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  • Forrest Gump Movie Vs Book

    Mud Stained Nikes Only in the movie Forrest Gump can one witness the late JFK being mooned by an imbecile. A comedy, drama, and romance all packed into one hundred and forty minutes. This simple-minded man lives a life of wandering filled with action and adventure. This is a movie one could watch on repeat and find themselves on the edge of their seat each time. Forrest Gump follows the life of Gump (Tom Hanks) as he touches the life of Jenny, Bubba, and Lt. Dan as well as its audience. The…

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  • Francis Gary Powers Research Paper

    pinnacle moments in the history of the entire Cold War was the notorious U-2 Incident that occurred on May 1, 1960. This event completely reversed the efforts of cooperation between the United States and the USSR. The pilot of the U-2 aircraft, Francis Gary Powers, did not follow procedure after he was shot down in Soviet airspace. Powers was supposed to commit suicide, if he was not killed in the initial crash, which he did not do. He was tried for espionage and sentenced to 10 years in prison…

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  • Gary Paulsen's Passion For Reading And Writing

    Gary Paulsen is a well-known American writer for young adults. Paulsen won many awards, including the John Newbery Medal and Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award (Gary Paulsen). Although, Paulsen was never too fond of school as a child, he did discover that he had a passion for reading and writing. It all began when he checked out his first book in the library. Gary would read constantly. Reading was an escape for him when times were getting rough for his family. Paulsen never lived…

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  • Examples Of A Turning Point Essay

    Three articles that were referenced for this essay are, I Never Had It Made By Jackie Robinson, Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Beals, Guts:The True Stories Behind Hatchet, and The Brian Books Made By Gary Paulsen. Some people who have had life-changing experiences are Jackie Robinson, Melba Beals, and Gary Paulsen. Jackie Robinson was the first african-american to be accepted onto a major league baseball team. Jackie Robinson’s turning point was that he was the eye of a significant breakthrough,…

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  • Summary Of Winterdance The Fine Madness Of Running The Iditarod

    Gary Paulsen is the author on many fictional stories such as “Hatchet” or “Brian’s Winter”. However, “Winterdance The Fine Madness Of Running The Iditarod” is Paulsen’s own story about when he entered the 1,180 mile Alaskan sled dog race called the Iditarod. Gary Paulsen’s book is the true story of when Paulsen rode in the Iditarod for the first time. Paulsen often rode with his dogs before, but he had no experience racing them. When he had just entered the Iditarod, he had no idea what he was…

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  • Hatchet Literary Analysis

    theme, and there can be multiple themes in a work. Usually the theme has to be inferred if not directly stated in the text by the author, leading to several different interpretations of theme in one piece of literature. In the novel Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, many themes are conveyed, such as man vs. nature, power of positive thinking, and city vs. nature, that give the book greater meaning. The main theme that is seen throughout the novel Hatchet is man vs. nature. The main character…

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  • Gary Paulsen's Stop The Sun

    In the story “Stop The Sun” by Gary Paulsen, Terry changes dramatically, going from a young boy thinking that there is no real understanding of Vietnam Syndrome to learning more about it directly from his father. Terry eventually learns what went down on the battlefields of Vietnam and accepts that you can never unsee what happened there. This change reveals the story’s theme that in order to become a better person you must understand what others have gone through. In the beginning of the story,…

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  • Night John Book Review

    In NightJohn by Gary Paulsen, John, Sarny, and Mammy are all slaves, and live difficult lives, while trying to expand the practice of reading. With barely anything John teaches slaves to read and write. Through everything he’s been through, being free, but came back to teach which is a vast risk, getting his toes cut off, and escaping the second time, then come back to create a school, the reader can tell that Gary Paulsen wanted the theme of this book to be, in order to help more than just…

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  • Survive For 54 Days Analysis

    favorite situation.Though, this is true that is exactly what happens to 13 year old Brian Robeson when the pilot has a heart attack and the plane that he is traveling in on the way to his dad’s house in Canada crashes in a lake in the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Whenever that happens Brian is stuck in the Canadian wilderness with only his hatchet and his limited knowledge from movies and science class to survive for an awful 54 days. After reflecting and thinking heavily on Brian’s situation I…

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  • Nightjohn Character Analysis

    Throughout history, time and time again, individual people have changed the course of humanity. It is vital that we recognize the enormous capabilities and power of one person, whether it be for good or bad. In the story “Nightjohn,” by Gary Paulsen, the characters, such as Clel Waller and Nightjohn himself, change the lives of each other in many positive and negative ways, thus proving that an individual’s power can change the lives of many. To establish, the Master of the plantation, Clel…

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