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  • Causes Of Conflict In Hatchet

    How would you feel if you crashed a plane in the Canadian wilderness, and you are all by yourself? That is what happened to Brian Robeson a thirteen year old in the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. After Brian crashed his plane he had to try to survive in the wilderness with only his hatchet. Conflict is the most important story element in the book Hatchet because it made Brian realize his abilities, it caused rising action in the story, and it taught Brian to never give up. Conflict teaches Brian…

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  • A Cry In The Wild Summary

    The book Hatchet, written by Gary Paulsen, is about a boy named Brian Robeson a thirteen year old boy. Brian lives a good life, that was until his parents divorced. His dad and mom divorced because his mom is seeing another man. He lives with his mom and goes to visit his dad out by the Canadian oil fields during the summer. Brian is a city boy and doesn't have many smarts about the wilderness.When Brian gets a hatchet from his mom before he goes to visit his dad he doesn't really like it. On…

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  • Summary Of Michael Spurgeon's Let The Water Hold Me Down

    Michael Spurgeon's novel Let the Water Hold Me Down tells a story about a man named Hank, whose wife and daughter died in a drowning accident, while also giving great supporting information on how much the government plays a part in poverty. After his wife and daughter’s death, Hank then decides to impulsively hop on a plane to Mexico where he will stay with his very rich friend, Cesar. While soul searching in Mexico he ends up getting a job in the poverty ridden town of Chiapas. The poor town…

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  • Hatchet By Gary Paulsen Summary

    I just finished reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. The book is about a boy named Brian who is stranded in the Canadian forest after his pilots dies. He learns to survive and thrive with only a hatchet for two months until he was rescued. Other than being stranded in the forest Brian has many problems. First of all the only reason that he was flying over the forest was to visit his father. His parents divorced a few months before and he was on his way to stay his father for the summer. His…

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  • The Rise And Fall Of The Hatchet Short Story

    When Brian was a thirteen years old boy, his parents had been divorce.basically Brian had to live with his father who was working in Canada in summer. Before Brian took the plane to visit his father, his mother gave him a hatchet as a present. Momentarily the pilot suffered the massive heart-attack and he died.Brian control the plane by himself. As Brian almost ran out of the gas he falled down on the edge of lake.After the plane crash, in spite of Brian’s forehead and his leg got hurt, yet he…

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  • Nightjohn By Gary Paulsen: An Analysis

    In the book Nightjohn, by Gary Paulsen, Sarny is eager to learn how to read, and write from Nightjohn. But run into trouble from their master Waller, who doesn't want slaves to know how to read, and write. But it won’t stop Sarny from learning how to read and write. Questions can help your life, even if you are in a bad situation. There is nothing wrong with being curious, and don’t let anybody tell you that there is. Sarny had been very curious how to read, and write. Even though Sarny was…

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  • On The Crossing Gary Paulsen Summary

    Hello, this my INS on The Crossing by Gary Paulsen. The book takes place in Juarez, Mexico just across from the bridge is El Paso, Texas. The mood is very dark. This is a very dark book and deals with darker themes. The book is about Manny Bustos, a 14 year old orphan that lives in a cardboard box on the streets. He is desperate for money so he can buy food to survive, but he has to deal with the gangs. The other main character of this story is Robert Locke, a sergeant. He is scarred by his…

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  • Summary Of Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

    This book is called “Hatchet”, by Gary Paulsen. Brian’s mom gave him the hatchet to use it in the Canadian woods with his dad, because they are divorced. The unfortunate thing that happened to Brian occurred when he was flying to his dad. Brian’s parents are divorced. Brian knew that his mother was meeting another man, but he didn’t tell his father. Brian spent his time with his mother, so he got on the plane to his father. On the plane, the pilot taught Brian how to fly. After a few minutes,…

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  • Canyons By Gary Paulsen Analysis

    “Canyons” by Gary Paulsen is a marvelous story that is very entertaining for teenagers and even adults that is into fiction. In the story, “Canyons” there are two time periods for both our main character. Coyote Run lived in El Paso, Texas during the year of 1890, tho Brennan lived in El Paso, Texas during the year of 1990. There is two main characters in the story, Coyote Run and Brennan Cole. Their both 2 different teenage boys who lived in different eras, but have a similar divine connection…

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  • Analysis Of Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

    Have you ever been stranded out in the wood before? Well Brian Robeson for the novel Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen has. Brian was stranded in the Canadian wilderness for 54 days living on his own without anything but a hatchet and the tool he made to hunt with. He was stranded out in the wildness because of a plane crash he was in. This was a very good lesson for Brian because he learned how to live on his own, he even learned how to watch his surrounding. Brian had a lot of memory during this time…

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