The Importance Of Marriage Counseling

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith contacted the office to schedule a marriage counseling session. Both parties were on the phone as the receptionist assisted the couple with scheduling an appointment. Once the receptionist scheduled the couple’s appointment the call was then transferred to the marriage counselor. The counselor gave the couple a homework assignment that was to be completed before their first session.
The couple arrived to their appointment on time with their homework assignment completed. After collecting the couple demographic information and signing the consent forms. I explained to them that I am a mandated reporter, nevertheless the couple wanted to continue with session one. The homework assignment was for each partner to write
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Distress or even separation do not necessarily mean divorce is near. When arguments (slamming doors or verbal altercations), separation or divorce talks, affairs, loss of passion, and trying to change each other occur or when things just aren 't working out even when your spouse has destroyed your trust, there is still hope.
If the couple feel like their marriage is worth fighting for then the book One More Try can help them take the next step when addressing issues such as being blindsided in marriage, discover healthy ways to manage frustration and anger, renew hope and trust in their spouse; effectively deal with loneliness, and rebuild their marriage from the ground up. It’s possible that these issues may even lead to a restored, enriched, and growing marriage. The outcome of this challenging time is determined solely by the couple who are involved. If you’re willing to make the most of that process, then begin the journey with confidence as Gary walks you step-by-step towards healing and
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Separations occur when the two no longer see eye to eye or the love has been lost. However, one should not start an extra marital affair while separated. Chapman goes on to say God never encourages divorce and allow us the freedom of choice. He referred to the bible stating that Moses wrote about divorce due to man having a harden heart. However God’s intention for a union is to be monogamous and lifelong. The next issue is arguments and anger. A couple who is experiencing arguments and anger Chapman stated that anger is a normal emotion. But you should not allow the emotion to take control over you. Acknowledge any negative emotion but do not entertain it. On the road to reconciliation both partners would need to identify their feelings and emotions and be able to communicate them to their partner in a non-hostile manor. Lastly this book will help bring out and resolve other issues that the couple may have not disclosed to the counselor. Such as an extra marital affair. How a couple can still reconcile the marriage by ending the extra martial affair. It also helps the partners to take ownership of their mistakes and assist them with opening a healthy line of communication along with being honest with each other.

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