Charles Whitman Case Study

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The Incident:
During an August morning in Texas, a man by the name of Charles Whitman, dressed as a janitor and with a footlocker in his hand, introduces the nation to public mass murder. Charles reached the University Tower at UT Austin by means of killing the secretary and 2 other individuals that attempted entering the building. He then reached the tower and began to fire at people, managing to target his victims hearts. During the 90 minute rampage, Charles killed 14 individuals and injured 32. Earlier that morning Charles Whitman killed both his wife and mother while sleeping and leaving notes explaining why he decided to take the lives of these two women whom he loved dearly. Two brave police officers quietly reached the top
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In one of the writings that Whitman left behind he urged for his brain to be examined after his death. He requested that they check for any signs of mental illness. When an autopsy was preformed it revealed that he indeed had a brain tumor named glioblastoma that was pressing against regions of the brain thought to be responsible for the regulation of emotions. Glioblastoma is a rare condition that effects the ability to speak, understand, or mental confusion. In a suicide note Charles left behind he mentioned that he could no longer understand the rationale to his …show more content…
He confessed to have killed around eighty women. At the age of thirty three Ridgway went after prostitutes and runaways between the ages of fifteen through thirty. He believed that no one would care enough to look for them. He would take most of them to his house strangling them, and leave them around woodland areas. His victims appeared near the Green River South of Seattle. Ridgway negotiated with investigators to avoid execution. He revealed where he left some bodies that had not yet been discovered. In December, 2003, he was sentenced to life in prison. Later in 2011 to another life sentence after finding another dead

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