Compare And Contrast Wily Dickinson And Walt Whitman

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Many poets are very different and some are revolutionary. Almost all poets before Whitman wrote with a pattern in their poetry, but Whitman changed that and became the father of free verse poetry. In Dickinson 's poetry it reflects her loneliness in her life and most of the people in her poetry are in a state of want. These poets are very different and have really changed the direction of poetry over time. Whitman and Dickinson poems are similar yet very different at the same time.
In Walt Whitman 's poem, "A Child Said, What is the Grass," Whitman takes about the major theme death and how in nature there is always death. This is similar to Emily Dickinson 's poem, “I Heard a Fly Buzz Before I died,” because they both have death in them. However
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In these poems death is present in both of them, but in different ways. In Whitman 's poem he beliefs that death is not the end, but rather a beginning. The grass is a perfect example because when the grass dies it is reborn again the next year and keeps coming back every year. Whitman wants people to look at the world around everyone and be like the child and strive to learn and be curious about nature and the world. Whitman also talks about how the grass is universal and how it grows everywhere no matter …show more content…
He is telling the reader that his soul and the spider are similar. Whitman uses figurative language by saying the spider 's web and making connections with different objects to form a web is similar to the soul trying to make connections and go places. While in Dickinson 's poem, “Success is Counted Sweetest,” she says that people who succeed every time do not appreciate success it is the ones who lose that appreciate success the most. This is because if someone always wins they do not know the feeling of losing so winning is just what they do in life. So they have no appreciation for it. When Dickinson says,
"To comprehend a nectar Requires sorest need," (Dickinson).

She is basically saying that someone needs to have the desire for victory to truly feel it. The theme of the poem is the idea of failure and the need to win. While the theme of Whitman 's poems is to make connections and have the ability to put the person 's soul at

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