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  • Gap Year Advantages

    Taking a “gap year” is a common pathway chosen by students in England. After they graduate high school, students take a year off to travel instead of immediately enrolling in college. This is becoming a more common practice in America because there are many benefits that coincide with taking a gap year between high school and college. Opting to participate in a gap year can help a student’s future in many positive ways because it allows students to take a break from their rigorous work,…

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  • Gap Year Speech

    take a gap year! A gap year between…

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  • Gap Year Reflection

    out of a gap year in 2015 after graduating in 2014 from Unley High School, which I attended throughout all my High schooling years. When I was in high school, I studied a range of different subject with my year 12 subjects being Health, Society & Culture, Nutrition, and English. I enjoyed all of them as it was a good variety of different areas of study. During my final year of high school, I was really anxious with the workload increasing from previous years. There were stages during year 12…

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  • Ann Inc History

    Gap is first. Gap offers clothing and accessories to adults, kids, and babies. Second, Banana Republic, which was founded in 1978. This brand of clothing appeals to the professional workplace style for both men and women. Banana Republic was acquired by Gap in 1983 (GapInc). The third brand is Old Navy. Old Navy was founded in 1994 and got its name from a bar in Paris. In 1997, Old Navy became the first retailer to reach $1 billion in annual sales in less than four years of operation…

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  • Gap Year Persuasive Essay

    Gap Year: Should we accept or decline the offer? Over the past couple of years there has been quite a debate on whether or not graduating high school students should take a gap year before attending college. Recently in the headlines Malia Obama, Barack Obama 's Daughter, announced that she will be taking a gap year and then following her gap year will be attending the very prestigious Harvard University. This is causing a big frenzy in the media because Malia Obama is one of the most…

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  • Gap Year Pros And Cons

    A gap year is a period of time, typically an academic year, taken by a student as a break between secondary school and higher education (google definition/translation). Choosing whether or not to take a year off from school can create or change the path for someone’s future. With that in mind, it is important for people to know what path to take and the consequences that come with each decision, and how those decisions can alter their future. Many articles have been written about the pros and…

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  • Gap Year Before College

    The notion of what a gap year involves is a tempting one, especially upon finishing secondary school; after over two thousand hours of class time, standardized testing, and extracurricular activities the prospect of beginning a lengthy rigorous university career can seem exhausting and leaving students feeling burnt-out. This is why U.S. students should adopt the custom of taking a gap or bridge year before college, involving six to twelve months of travel or experimental programs; research…

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  • Argumentative Essay: A Gap Year

    say to myself, “I’m never going back to school” or “Mom; I don’t need to go to school.” Unfortunately the law, and my mother, won’t let this happen so I am forced into another year at high school. Although the long days are enjoyed and there are no worries, this break causes a loss of interest in learning for the next year. This relates…

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  • Gap Year Research Paper

    Take a Gap Year In Europe“1.2 percent of U.S. college freshmen deferred admission to take a gap year in 2011” (Baker). A gap year is a year that a student takes between finishing high school and starting university. This year can be used for whatever a student wants it to be used for, whether that be fishing on a trawler in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, digging wells and erecting schools in South Sudan, or maybe farming in Nebraska, the choice is theirs. Many studies have shown that gap years…

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  • Gap Year In High School

    school seniors is, “Should I go to college after I graduate, or do I take a gap year?” Some kids lean towards going to college while some lean towards going into the real world. Of course people can go straight to college and get a degree and graduate before they are 23 or so. But, most kids these days are taking the year off of school to get out into the real world and stretch their wings. Some reasons for taking a gap year is; to get a job and save money, get real life experience, see…

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