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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Gap Year Is Good For The World

    was taking a gap year off after high school. I had all the time in the world to find out who I wanted to be and how I wanted to pursue my future. The lucky ways I was able to expand my knowledge was traveling and working full time. I also had time to do absolutely nothing. I am a huge believer that traveling is good for the heart and soul. Everyone should have a chance to experience different cultures and how others live. Also to relax and rewind because it's healthy for you. My gap year…

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  • Chruchland's Argument Analysis: The Hornswoggle Problem

    The Hornswoggle Problem In this paper I will examine “The Hornswoggle Problem” in which Patricia Chruchland makes some strong claims on the argument about consciousness. I agree with Chruchland’s argument on about that Chalmers argument on consciousness isn’t a good argument. my conclusion is that Chalmers makes some valid points which helps make his argument an ok one but not strong enough for it to be a good one. I will show parts of what Chalmers is saying is a valid to his argument and what…

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  • Summary On Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles With Defects

    Abstract: This paper provides a brief summary of existing article Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles with Defects by Vladislav Ischenko,Sebastian Polarz,Dirk Grote,Victorina Sravarache,Karin Fink,and Matthias Driess. This paper discusses the importance of a nanoscale ZnO with defects in its structure. The article also provides a broad analysis of ZnO nanoparticles using a consolidation of techniques and the resulting data is summarised in this review. The paper gives the realization of when a…

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  • Is Marriage Out Of Date In Society Essay

    Is Marriage Out-of-Date in Today’s Society? Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband! Marriage seem like the most important part of life because the media portrait that when a men and women fall in love they get marry in a couple of month after knowing each other and then they have an amazing family and live in a big house. In today society Marriage is out-of-date because people find the single life to be more enjoyable. Single people and…

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  • Theme Of Imagery And Diction In The Fish By Elizabeth Bishop

    This idea is supported by the frequented use of self-address implemented in the second half. The speaker becomes more involved. “I thought,” “I looked,” “I admired,” all produce a more active role on the part of the speaker. The turning point in the poem that triggers this alteration seems to be when the reader realizes that the fish is in fact still alive. “While his gills were breathing” (line 22) is the first action given to the fish and the first time he is addressed as a living thing…

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  • Social Ingenuity Gap Analysis

    social ingenuity gaps. At the beginning of the book, the author explain that they can solve the social ingenuity gap, but the last chapter that we had focused on (which was “Techno-Hubris”), the author mainly discussed issues on the technical and the technological ingenuity gaps. As we looked further in the book, the author give us valid examples of each ingenuity gap that make his views coincide those of the Clay Shirky. The link between these two concepts are that the ingenuity gap would be…

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  • Physics Of Q-Dots Lab Report

    Introduction Quantum dots (Q-Dots) is very small semiconductor particles that means it can be either conductors or resist electricity depending on the temperature and purity of the semiconductor. Q-dots range in size from 2-10 nm, so because of their small size, quantum mechanics governs the physics of the particles. The synthesis Q-Dots were first studied in 1982 by Efros and Ekimov, and then many developments have reported the synthesis of semiconductor nanoparticles.1 Q-Dots have unique…

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  • Analysis Of Gallium And Arsenic Distances

    The substrate is rotated in the center of the growth chamber to ensure even growth on its surface and its angle can be manipulated depending on which effusion chamber shutter is opened. The time the substrate is exposed to an effusion chamber is calculated. Based on the area of the substrate, the pressure in the chamber and the molecular weight of the species, the shutter time is calculated to ensure the desired thickness of the film which will be adsorbed on to the substrate. For example, when…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In My Class

    Another problem that I had during the school year was dropping too many classes to where I did not meet the 67% completion rate. By taking 14 credit hours I will not be able to drop any class otherwise I will fall below the full time student requirements. The reason I did not meet the required amount of hours this school year was due to failing classes. The classes I failed this year were Biology, Biology Lab, Micro Computer Applications and College Algebra. Since…

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  • Self Reflection Research Paper

    Self-Reflection This college semester went very well for me, compared to last semester. I have all A’s and B’s thus far in my classes. Although I focus the majority of my effort in my Nursing classes. Some obstacles that I have encountered would be dividing my time between school and my family and friends. I have coped with this by spending my weekends with my loved ones when I do not have to study for that small period of time. Being a commuter is also a struggle that I face going to…

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