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  • How I Have Affected My Presentation Skills

    A single year may not seem like a long time, or that much can change in that short amount of time, but students can change drastically in just a year. I have seen a lot of growth in myself throughout the year, and am pleased with how I have grown. At the beginning of the year, I was quite shy and did not like speaking in front of groups. This impacted my presentation skills as I was unable to speak clearly and with good emotion. Additionally, I have seen myself become better at working with…

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  • Essay On Sociological Influences

    I have been conforming towards other people since the day I understood the concepts of how to be your own person; in other words, having your own style. I have two older siblings; a brother and a sister, and my sister is only a year older than I am. This tempted me to want to be just like her, which she did not enjoy as much as I did. I would try to be friends with her friends and of course at younger ages, we did not get along, so she would tend to push me out of her life. This…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Paradox Of Education

    disability and I was able to succeed and accomplish any future goals. Mrs. Evans taught me that the journey to success would always be more beneficial than the actual success. This “lesson” or piece of advice is still exhibiting relevancy in my life, 10 years later. My personality, ambition, and personal drive began to develop in third grade. I vividly remember attending class and becoming interested in the things we were learning about. In previous grades I felt the curriculum was dense…

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  • Essay On Importance Of Education

    In other words, what have I learned through my education? Have I been trained in one special area or have I gained an education not only in one area, but also in learning about myself and who I am? According to Webster’s dictionary, education is defined by the development and training of one’s mind, character, and skills, as by instruction, study, or example and the knowledge and skill resulting from such instruction and training. By this definition, one might argue that being educated means…

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  • Essay On Fitness Analysis

    and more. Throughout the past two years of physical education, there have been changes in my fitness. The work in and outside of school I put in have affected my fitness scores. To start out, I will compare my fitness test scores. My baseline for my freshman year 12-minute run was 2425 meters. My posttest was 2500. Sophomore year, I got 2400 baseline and 2600 posttest. For the swim test, my ninth grade baseline was 37 walls and 38 as a posttest. Sophomore year I swam 38 walls for both tests.…

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  • Personal Narrative: What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

    how to write research papers. Computer hardware engineers need writing and reading skills in order to be able to write function and read them. They also need math skill to calculate functions. 9- 12th grade helped me out. Taking a math class every year. Learning how to divide, multiple, and figure out measuring calculations. My sponsors have been all of my teachers. Each one had a mission to take me from only knowing how to write my name to writing summary’s from different…

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  • Hi Kids: A Short Story

    Hi Kids! Today I'm going tell you a story about how….. Let me just tell you the story. When I was in the 5th grade, my school was about to close. The whole staff was freaked out! Of course the students, including me, were freaked out too because no one really knew where they will study after the school will close… In my class I had two main friends; Kim and Joe: Kim was an unpopular girl. She was a very wise, caring girl. Joe was my best friend. He was, to be honest, stupid and arrogant. He…

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  • My Responsibility In College Essay

    the past thirteen years, many different areas of my life have changed, and with that, my levels of responsibility and what I take responsibility of. In education, friends, family and even in musicals, I’ve taken responsibility for myself and others, which has helped develop the picture of who I am as a person…

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  • Essay On Reading Memoir

    I was a kid. It wasn’t until second grade and third grade that I began writing stories and illustrate pictures in my composition books. By doing so, it has immensely improved my reading and writing skills over the years. With added practice and picking up new styles throughout the years it has really shaped my writing all the way through graduate school. It’s not perfect, but I am determined to further my reading and writing skills. Many people have a different idea of what a true reader is.…

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  • Small Class Size Classroom

    invalidates the claim that reducing the sizes of classrooms will effect test scores or performance. Studies have consistently proven over the years that smaller class sizes improve test scores and have exam scores. Students in smaller classes often have performed better and proven the effectiveness of small group instruction especially among the first years of school. Researchers found significant achievement gains for students in small kindergarten classes relative to students in larger…

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