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  • Mayan Calendar Essay

    article Oldest Known Mayan Calendar Debunks December 2012 Myth, it quotes “ Archaeologists excavating at Xultun, a Maya site in Guatemala, have discovered a room thought to have served as a workshop for scribes and a calendar priest more than 1,200 years ago. Its walls are adorned with remarkably preserved paintings and writings, including calculations related to the Mayan calendar.” This shows how the Mayans also conversely used a calendar to keep track of time. Accordingly, the Mayans…

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  • Future-Related Study Psychology

    In psychological studies, the sample of participants is often comprised of college students completing a required for their introduction to psychology course. The point during the semester when the student completes the required studies is up to the student, and some fulfill the requirement quickly, while others wait until closer to the end of the term. The study conducted by Harber and colleagues investigated whether differences in time perspective, the process in which a person automatically…

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  • Why Happiness Is Important

    mind for years. Being able to make choices for your own happiness takes a level of self-confidence and courage that can, at times, seem unobtainable. Occasionally we don 't even realize how unhappy we are until someone or something comes along and reminds us of what we deserve in life. Even the strongest, most confident, and courageous of people may still find certain decisions so difficult it is almost impossible to make up their mind. A major, life changing decision…

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  • Personal Narrative: Managing My Time

    Managing my time has been the biggest obstacle I have faced all semester. Learning how to manage school from work and also giving myself time to study became very overwhelming. I did some research on calendar systems to see what system worked best for me. The three main calendar systems I came across during my searching were; making a list of task I need to accomplish, using a schedule book to stay organized, or to use an alarm on a device for events. The best calendar system that worked best…

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  • Dazzlers Of Mcneese Case Study

    McNeese State University Student Organization Constitution Academic Year 2015-2016 (Dazzlers of McNeese) Article 1: Purpose - The name of this organization shall be named “Dazzlers of McNeese,” started by four students and its purpose is to give other young ladies with dance experience, the opportunity to dance again and be more involved with campus life. - This non- coed organization is open to all races. Article 2: Membership - Dazzlers of McNeese shall be comprised 100 % of McNeese State…

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  • Become A Successful Student Essay

    Become a successful student is what most students want. There are many different way to be a successful student. During my time of education, I learn one thing that there is not a single way can make student success in very short period of time. It takes many steps to do so. In the article “Guidelines and Thoughts for Academic Success”, Larry Ludewig makes a list to tell people what successful student usually do. While I was reading it, I found out that there are many things I never did before.…

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  • Time Management Reflection

    from the rest, will allow my eyes to go right to the task, bypassing the rest of the list. Another tip that I found helpful is tip 20 which discuses, after getting caught up, analyze why you fell behind in the first place. I have learned over the years I take on too much, for example last semester I took 5 courses. I was going strong until the last 3 weeks, at that time between finals and papers due a wrench was thrown into my schedule causing my days be consumed with something in which I did…

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  • Lake Area Reflection

    Throughout my elementary school years, from grades kindergarten to 5th grade, I attended a small private school in the town that I lived. My school was, Lake Area Christian and though there are some aspects of my time at this school that I regret, there are many things that I am grateful for. Attending such a small school during my earlier years really helped me begin to acclimate with other children on a smaller scale and learn to navigate looking different than other children. The smaller…

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  • Income Inequality Between Rich And Poor Essay

    being grounded in truth of data is a must. “On average, today’s upper-income families are almost seven times wealthier than middle-income ones, compared to 3.4 times wealthier in 1984.” (Salles, 2014). According to this, there truly is a significant gap between rich and poor. The reasons for this are that the rich have some entrepreneurial prowess and the poor either…

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  • The Trends Of Academic Performance And Student Learning Outcomes

    used three times throughout the year, and the end of the year assessment called SAGE. The first benchmark assessment mentioned by our school principal is the ACT assessment. The data shows a trend of student scores dealing with math, English or language arts, and science that have flat lined from 2010 through 2016. This means that student scores have…

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