Gap Year Reflection

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I am fresh out of a gap year in 2015 after graduating in 2014 from Unley High School, which I attended throughout all my High schooling years. When I was in high school, I studied a range of different subject with my year 12 subjects being Health, Society & Culture, Nutrition, and English. I enjoyed all of them as it was a good variety of different areas of study. During my final year of high school, I was really anxious with the workload increasing from previous years.

There were stages during year 12 where my confidence had dropped, but when talking to teachers, they gave me a positive outlook for the year ahead. I then become very determined and inspired to prove to family and friends that I can pass high school. I think in high school
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These courses that I have in mind are Law and Business studies which I am really hoping I can get into one or the other. With this course, I expect to develop the skills that are required to be a successful university student.

It will be very helpful for when I get into a course of my choice because I will know what is expected rather than jump straight into study. Studying at University will be a big step up from my previous study at High school as there is a higher standard required of you during University. For instance, making mistakes will be more costly compared to making mistakes in high school.

The reason that attracted me to studying at university was that I believe it will be a pathway to getting into one of my dream careers which would be working in law or business. It will also be an opportunity to try something different in which I am not used to doing. Also the chance to not only work hard towards my career but a great chance to meet new people. I think this will be a really good learning curve for me as I will learn new skills and refresh my mind after a year out of
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Although there were times when I have been close to giving up, I have only ever needed small encouragement in order to get back on track. Another strength of mine is reading, I have always been a big reader to the point where I now hardly have any space on my six shelf bookshelf. Whenever really interested in a book it can sometimes only take me up to three weeks to finish it as I read day and night. I think that my strength of reading can really help me to achieve my goals as a lot of reading will be required.

One of the main difficulties I think I will have with achieving my goals is that I often need more support with things. I can overcome this though by relaxing more because when I am stressed I tend to overthink a situation too much. The other difficulty I might be faced with is being able to ask for the help, sometimes I can shy away from asking for it. One of the ways I can overcome this is by reminding myself that if ever stuck that there is support for

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