Persuasive Essay On Gap Year

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The notion of what a gap year involves is a tempting one, especially upon finishing secondary school; after over two thousand hours of class time, standardized testing, and extracurricular activities the prospect of beginning a lengthy rigorous university career can seem exhausting and leaving students feeling burnt-out. This is why U.S. students should adopt the custom of taking a gap or bridge year before college, involving six to twelve months of travel or experimental programs; research shows that those who take time off are more motivated to complete a degree.
When thought of the ‘typical’ gap year may consist of a long break backpacking across exotic locations, lazing about on beaches, and partying through the night; though the opportunity
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Some universities don’t allow their students to defer for a year due to this fear. Dean of admissions at Longwood University urges students who work during a gap year to “Keep your foot in the door . . because once you start making money, it’s hard to go backwards (sun).” When taking a gap year there is also a risk that students may forget vital skills and knowledge making the transition back to the academic path a hard one. This is why students should make a specific detailed blueprint of what their gap year will …show more content…
It is important that each student heavily consider this before taking part in a gap year; there’s a difference between just wanting a break away and not wanting to attend college. This is why students should always make sure to first get acceptance into college and then defer rather than just jumping into their vacation away. It can get complicated applying to colleges after being out of high school especially trying to coordinate transcripts, test score, and recommendations while traveling. There is another worry that students will forget knowledge and skills needed, though this may happen it will be trade off from what they gain from their experiences such as a foreign language, time management, and financial

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