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  • Flashbulb Memory Theory

    The theory of flashbulb memory was suggested in 1977 by Brown and Kulik, and is described as a “special type of emotional memory which refers to vivid and detailed memories of highly emotional events, that appear to be recorded in the brain as though with the help of a camera’s flash” (Crane and Hannibal). Brown and Kulik suggested that there may be “a special neural mechanism that triggers an emotional arousal because the event is unexpected or extremely important”. There have been many studies…

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  • Grandmaster Flash Poetic Techniques

    Joseph Saddler, who has an alias as Grandmaster Flash, is an American hip hop recording artist and one of the pioneers of hip-hop, Djing, cutting, and mixing. His family migrated to the United States from Barbados, in the Caribbean. He grew up in The Bronx, New York where he attended Samuel Gompers High School, a public vocational school. There he learned how to repair electronic equipment. His parents played an important role in his interest in music as he was fascinated by his father’s music…

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  • Hip-Hop Music: Similarities Between Rock And Roll

    Music has evolved for many years and it has always been the key element of culture. When music first started evolving, people would design their own beats and styles to represent them as a group; however, when the world started evolving there was more equipment to use, such as drums, guitars, computers, pianos, bass player, and etc. Music helps construct self-images of people and express emotions within a group of people. Hip hop and rock and roll are two types of music genres that are capable…

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  • The History Of Rap And Hip-Hop

    The History of Rap/Hip-Hop Rapping, also known as rhyming, spitting, and emceeing it is still referred to as rap and hip-hop. But, it seems that nobody ever talks about the story of how rap and hip-hop started. The history of rap and hip-hop was not only the start of a genre but, something new and creative. Rap and Hip-hop has an interesting origin story, has influenced by different genres of music, and created a new movement of freedom of speech. Dating back to the 60s and 70s in the South…

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  • The Importance Of Hip-Hop Culture

    It is our culture from dreads to cornrows to the language and even to the dances and it should not be misused. Reflecting on the meaning hip-hop holds for my family and how people can so easily take and misconstrue it made me curious to the extents of cultural appreciation and appropriation, and how they are displayed differently. When does a person stop appreciating the culture and begin to appropriate it and how is that defined? These questions and interest in cultural appropriation are more…

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  • Iphone 6s Advertisement Analysis

    Advertisements in modern media strive towards not only selling a product, but making it emotionally appealing to the audience as a means to attach the product with desire. This longstanding tactic has been used by big companies, like Apple, to sell medicore products. Advertisement directors have taken notice that smartphones have created this utopia effect on millennials - creating a bubble of comfort in a portal metal box that tells them whatever they want, whenever they want. It creates a cave…

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  • Hip Hop Subculture

    Hip Hop has its origins from a resistance movement during the 1970s. Rap music which is one aspect of hip hop, was mainstreamed in the late 1980s and 1990s. These genres of music have since developed as a cultural and artistic sensation affecting youth around the world (Alridge and Stewart 2005). Similarly dancehall also emerged in the late 1970s in Jamaica not only as a musical style but as the basis for a type of recreational lifestyle. Initially, all presented genres have reflected social,…

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  • Rap Music And Deviant Behavior Essay

    Rap music and Deviant Behavior in Teens Rap music is based on “African tradition of speaking rhythmically to a beat that is generally supplied by background music.” In the 80s, a rapper by the name of Grandmaster Flash would rap about “deplorable conditions of the inner cities” in order to bring attention to them. Gangsta rap is based on Grandmaster Flash’s song The Message because it raps about the conditions of poor communities. Gangsta rap are usually about police brutality towards…

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  • Hip Hop Culture Analysis

    of problems that the people in were living, but at they need to have a break. The film is notable for featuring several prominent figures from early hip hop culture such as Busy Bee Starski, Fab Five Freddy, The Cold Crush Brothers and Grandmaster Flash. Zoro represented the Gratifies and we can tell that the music part of the movie represented by character Phade because he is a part of the music world, he is the owner of a place where many hip-hop artists play, and he organized the events.…

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  • Hip Hop In South Korea

    Searching for a Bridge Between the Disconnect: Exploring the Rise of Hip-Hop in South Korea Hip hop was an underground movement during the 90s in South Korea. Members of the hip hop community were few and often rumored to be part of a “Westernized cult” (Maher). Fast forward less than a decade, hip hop has emerged and taken a strong presence in South Korea’s music industry. Amongst the Barbie-like girl groups donning pink school girl skirts and metro-sexual boy bands, hip hop artists are the…

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