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  • What Is The Authority Of The Under-Shepherd

    The office of elder roots runs deeper than the surface of the New Testament. Moses under the advice of his father-in-law appointed elders to lead and teach the church in the wilderness. God used the elders in the Old Testament church to rule and guide His chosen nation. Christ continued with the pattern set forth in the Old Testament and appointed under-shepherds over the church He built. Who would be so fitting for such role? It is no doubt those who were first appointed are those Christ taught…

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  • Heraclitus The Skeptics

    Diogenes taught us to live simply, Plato taught us justice, Aristotle taught us about the different cardinal virtues, and lastly Socrates taught us that death is a part of life. Heraclitus Heraclitus was born into a wealthy aristocratic family in Ephesus. He personally, believed that the aristocratic people only cared…

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  • Case Study: Welcome To Castle Mount Residnetial Home

    Policies and procedure will be found in our office and can access all the time, as well You can found them in main corridor on desk and in the “blue book” along with rota. Keep it up to date ?! Panta Rhei – All Flows -Heraclitus of Ephesus As everything change and it is in motion and adapt to situations so does rules and regulations in order to keep us in control and save us from danger and harm. And that is why ‘agreed ways of working’ is changed time to time to accomplish the necessity…

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  • Community Formation

    The Contrast of Community and Spiritual Formation in the Old and New Testament The biblical concept of community permeates the Scriptures whether we are discussing the Old Testament or the New Testament (Pettit 2008). From the beginning of creation, the idea of community has always been God’s idea. The first place in the context of the creation story where God declares “this is not good” is in reference to Adam when He says “It is not good for man to be alone” . We were created for fellowship…

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  • Essay On Pro Life Movement

    There are several subjects that can be discussed when pro-life is brought up. The pro-life movement refers to a movement bringing together associations and people, often close to religious movements, defending the "right to life", through opposition to the "right to abortion", euthanasia and suicide. Especially known for its opposition to abortion, the movement is often referred to as the anti-abortion movement. Religion has been a huge influence on people’s decisions for many years. Although…

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  • From Judaism To Christianity Research Paper

    Christianity: From Judaism to Jesus Christianity began a long, long time ago. The people who became the Jews were not any big important group of people. In fact, they were very poor, and a regular tribe. The main person who started practicing Judaism was Abraham or Abram. God came to Abraham when he was Ninety years old and nine, as recorded in Genesis 17. God made a covenant with him, and promised him many things. He promised to make him the father of many nations, that he will have children,…

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  • Mathean Gospel Chapter 16 Analysis

    gave His disciples the “Great Commission” (Mark 16:15), an urgency accompanied it, as reflected in the words of the angelic messengers, in Acts 1:10-11. Though the work was just commencing, an end was made apparent. Paul’s letter to the church of Ephesus, chapter 4, identifies four purposes of church leadership and subsequently the purpose of the church 1) equip for the work of [the Kingdom of God]; 2) build up the body of Christ; 3) attain unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of…

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  • How Did Luther's Beliefs Contribute To Egyptism

    1.) Idealistic and spiritual motives were in fact at work. Doing penance for one's sins was a powerful spiritual factor. An especially powerful motive was the religious aura of Jerusalem, which had been a popular pilgrimage site for Christians. The popes of the Gregorian Reform delegated shedding blood to the laity. The Crusades were military expeditions launched against unbelieving Muslims and heretics. 2.) Pope Innocent III believed he could intervene in political affairs when moral or…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With A Greek God

    While typing this out I am sitting on a beautiful beach somewhere in Greece along the Aegean Sea. It 's easy to imagine scenes from the Odyssey or the Apostle Paul sailing up to bring the Good News. The view is one people would spend thousands of dollars to see but I get it for free. I am stranded in Greece - oh, woe is me . How did I end up camping on the beach in Greece? Let me tell you about the goodness of God during the last three months: Three months ago I was given the opportunity…

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  • Immutability Of God Essay

    Among topics within the realm of the doctrine of God, God’s love holds significance for the believer and non-believer alike. At the heart of the debate is the immutability of God; which is the view that God is neither unchanged, no able to change regarding his characteristics and his nature. Kevin Vanhoozer relates the classical view of the immutability of God to his perfect, unchangeable characteristics. When referencing Augustine and St Thomas Aquinas, Vanhoozer states the doctrine of divine…

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