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  • Sickle Cell Disease Case Study

    Special delivery of toxic cell-free heme causes vascular damage in Sickle Cell Disease Scientists describe a novel mechanism responsible for blood vessel injury in Sickle Cell Disease (SCD): microparticles derived from sickle cells deliver heme to the vascular endothelial cells causing oxidative damage. Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is an inherited blood disorder caused by a single base mutation in the DNA of affected patients, producing abnormal hemoglobin molecules. In SCD, red blood cells…

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  • Superior Vena Cava Syndrome Case Study

    use of intravascular catheters, pacemakers and defibrillators are becoming a more common cause of SVCS. Recent research has suggested that use of such structures have been linked to blood clots in the SVC (Chee et al. 2007). Disruption of the Endothelium of the SVC through trauma from the lead in such structures is thought to be a cause of blood clot formation in the vein as the mechanical stress can trigger the inflammatory response (Kokotsakis et al. 2014). The SVC – atrial junction is…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Why Diamonds Are Diamonds?

    Marilyn Monroe once sang, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” This lyric about girls and their diamonds makes sense for obvious reasons. Diamonds are shiny, make women feel like princesses, and are a symbol of “love”. However, diamonds have an intimidating competitor, chocolate. No matter how big the “rock” is, some women would prefer delicious, melt in your mouth, chocolate. Their wise decision could potentially have some great upsides to it. For instance, dark chocolate has numerous health…

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  • Diabetes Case Study

    In the case study of Mary, an obese, African American woman, we are given the opportunity to explore best care measures for her diabetes. Currently, she is taking 800 mg of Metformin daily and maintaining a diabetic diet along with daily exercise. Recent lab work shows a hemoglobin A1c drop of one percentage point, however her current level is still above target at 8.5 and fasting blood glucose levels range from 160-190 mg/dL. To provide the best care for Mary, two approaches may be considered;…

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  • Arterial Stiffness

    of the vessel walls, with reconstruction taking place in order to recompense for the differences in wall pressure. Along with relating to various structural causes, vessel function can have an impact on the arterial stiffness as well, with the endothelium and, especially, nitric oxide being primary determinants (Payne, Wilkinson, & Webb, 2010). General knowledge on the subject of dynamic fluctuations in arterial stiffness continues to be rather insufficient; for that reason, the causes of…

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  • Medication Errors Case Study Essay

    Coronary artery disease due to atherosclerosis is the most common cause of unstable angina. Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood from the heart throughout the body and there is a thin layer of cells called the endothelium, which helps keep the arteries toned and smooth to keep blood flowing. Damage to this thin layer can be caused by high blood pressure, smoking or high cholesterol which leads to the formation of plaque. This build up of fatty material accumulates…

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  • O1 And O2

    cause infection because of the small number that is actually inhaled and because the respiratory tract’s defense mechanisms prevent them from entering the air passages further down in the lungs. When loss of cough reflex, damage to the ciliated endothelium that lines the respiratory tract, or impaired immune defenses predispose to colonization and infection occur in the lower respiratory system. Symptoms in the congestive stage, coughing brings up watery sputum and breath sounds are limited,…

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  • Postpartum Reflection Paper

    What I Learned Today I worked antenatal and postpartum. I had a good day and learned a lot from Melissa. I was able to assist in a discharge and assess a patient with a history of PIH and hypothyroidism. I also performed a baby bath and postpartum assessments. I assessed a patient who is high-risk because of a history of fetal demise. And although she was seemed okay she stayed for twenty-four hour surveillance because she had to decelerations in antenatal. My patient had right-sided…

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  • Nipah Virus Essay

    For the initial entry of the virus, the ephrinB2 domain is necessary. Once entered through micropinocytosis, protease cathespin L activates the virus (12). Nipah Virus can replicate very easily in human lung fibroblasts. It can infect the surrounding cells by either cell-to-cell spread or through release of infectious particles. When monocytes get infected, they can transmigrate through the blood brain barrier to infect the brain. This could be plausible if the monocytes were inefficient in…

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  • Case Study Atherosclerosis

    main stags of the progression of atherosclerosis, these are; endothelial cell injury and inflammation, fatty streak, hard/fibrous plaque and finally soft/complicated plaque. When an endothelial cell is injured this allows LDPs to enter the sub endothelium, this is likely to…

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