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  • Tesla Simulation Research Paper

    Tesla Simulator. It is a simulator where you can interact with the different types of cars made by the Tesla Motors (an American car company that designs, manufactures and sells luxury cars) and observe their features. The purpose of the Tesla simulator is to showcase the designs of their cars. To give the public, an overview of their cars and their features in real life, so that they consider of buying a car from the Tesla Motors. In other words, you can also call this promoting a design or…

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  • Self-Driving Car: Good Or Bad?

    self-driving car. There have been many arguments about whether or not the self-driving car is beneficial/good or dangerous/bad. There is support on either side of the argument, but some evidence definitely outweighs others. Self-driving cars could end up killing people on the street, or could potentially have a malfunction and end up causing an accident. According to the article, computers can have glitches all time and it can be very frustrating, but when a computer is driving your car it can…

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  • Personal Narrative-It's Just A Car

    “It’s just a car,” they all say. Only some will understand the attachment oneself can get towards their vehicle. How could you be attached to it? It’s a materialistic thing that will be non-existent in due time. A bunch of metal, rubber, and wiring put together is really all that a car is. This concoction of resources gives me an explosion of emotions that are priceless and very desirable. All it takes is one click of a button and a step inside to unlock these feelings. To me, my car will always…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Self-Driving Cars

    creation of autonomous cars which have started emerging all around the world by companies like Google, Tesla, and some major car companies. Although there are some who are skeptical of the automation of cars with the reports of accidents from the likes of Tesla’s self-driving cars and even Google’s, there are also many benefits to the automation of transportation and it will even change the approach to travel in general and how people interact within their vehicles. Self-driving cars are no…

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  • Gran Canaria Research Paper

    Driving Safely on Gran Canaria's Roads If you’re renting a car in Gran Canaria to move around, learning the driving laws in the island is a definite must. The laws are quite similar compared to other Spanish territories and the European Union. For British citizens though, it will be an entirely eye-opening experience: the steering wheels are on the left-hand side. Apart from successfully renting a car to drive on, you need proper documents so you can legally traverse on the island’s roads…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Superpowers

    “He swung from one building to the next; defying the laws of gravity, while in pursuit of a speeding car”. We all wish we could do that. But unfortunately, in this ordinary world where so much is beyond our control, we often fantasize about how it would be if we had superpowers. Maybe this is the reason we are so fascinated by Super Heroes. Who can imagine swinging from skyscrapers or having X-ray vision? Their world, we know, is not rooted in reality but there is something about it that keeps…

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  • The Benefits Of Robotics In Agriculture

    Feeding the world, a feat that has never been fully completed. What is the opposing force that keeps this goal from completion? If food is produced worldwide and locally, with the utmost efficiency, distribution would be the only opposing force. The chapter on agriculture involving the farmer is closing, and a new chapter in autonomous robots is beginning. Robotics has made a quake in agriculture, and farmers have become aware of the benefits resulting from autonomous robots. From vehicle…

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  • Self-Driving Cars: A Whole New World: Article Analysis

    Learning For Self-Driving Cars." (2016): arXiv. Web. 18 Oct. 2016. Computers now have the ability to have cameras that affect steering. With little training or human input cars are able to learn about their surroundings and navigate through. Cars are now able to figure out ways through more unique driving scenarios. Eventually most things humans require to drive, for example lane markings or speed limits can be removed for self-driving cars. With a more autonomous car there will be less driving…

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  • The Speed Pillover Effect: A Literature Review

    The study could not find any spillover effects due to the increase in speed but the creativity to try hypothesis tests deserve special mention. “Speed spillover” effect is present when the speed limit is different in different roads. The spillover effect is evident when the drivers may continue to drive fast in roads where the speed limit is not increased Steven M. Rock [18] studied the effect of 65 mph speed in Illinois and also support the general notion that increase in speed limit to 65 mph…

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  • Ford Company Powershift Case

    Fiesta, and Ecosport. However, plaintiff who had the particular car model with “PowerShift” transmission found the obvious problem when they drove the car. The car would slip, buck, jerk and harshly engage when driven. Thus, it would make the plaintiff to have difficulties to stop the car when met sudden or delayed acceleration. Furthermore, due to the transmission problem, the plaintiff returned back the vehicle to dealerships to get cars fixed up to 10 times for repair or replacement and also…

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