Autonomous Car Case Study

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The new technological breakthrough in car industry, the Autonomous car, is a trending topic today. It sounds promising for human history from the benefits and solution that it provide. However, the promising future of the autonomous car is likely to be a dream, as a result of some of the critical issues that it going to face. It start with the inability of the system to collaborate with human driver, and then it has safety issues that make this car will be able to be hacked with ease, which can lead to threatened the live of the passenger and people surround it. This called the moral challenge, since it has a barrier that a human being with a moral that able to solve it. Next is the legal issue that makes a lot of confusion because of the uncertainty …show more content…
One example that we can see is the automotive industry, especially car industry, it has been developing so much since it was introduced back in 19th century. Most of the car today has build in computer to help drivers for controlling their car, and also safety feature to protect the driver. The example of current safety technology in a car is lane departure warning sensor, forward collision avoidance system, autonomous braking, parking assist and adaptive cruise control. These technology can prevent the driver for having an accident, since the computer will automatically take control of the when it sense that an accident will occur. Since the technology never stop and keep developing, the engineer has now develop an autonomous car as a new technological breakthrough in a car industry. The car can drive by its own, so there is no driver requires. This technology is making lots of people looking forward toward it, since there the capabilities of the car that look beneficial for the human society. Unfortunately, there is no perfection in the world because every single thing has a downside, and this is what happen with the autonomous car. In addition, there are several opposing facts and issues about this new car 's technology, and the negative impact for the human society that many of us has not realized …show more content…
In addition, it may face a problematic issues when facing a certain road condition. For example, when there is a dilemmatic situation on deciding which object to be hit during an emergency action in driving, it cannot react as decisive and as good as human because it lack of capability in a way to avoid the responsibility of making an informed ethical decision, since it is a program that based on sensors and computing technology (Kirkpatrick, 2015). The case of Google 's car show us and strengthen the fact that it still unable to collaborate with the human driver in the real world because it can cause an accident toward

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