What Are Robot Cars Persuasive Essay

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The the self driving cars are getting more popular than usual that's because there is this battle between uber and google is raging on now more than a year ,but the real debate is that , are robot cars safe or will they ravage the streets. Now we know that robots are programmed to not make mistakes, but what happens when the robot cars are on the streets. Maybe the robot cars will not be able to handle human drivers and crash .Self driving cars should not be permitted on the streets because that would cause a lot of problems and there are still a lot of flaws and some are deadly to the passenger and the ones around the car. So we can't jeopardize human lives.
Now we all know that the USA is one of the biggest countries out there, right. Even if they do make the self driving car it is gonna be really hard to make a full-on detailed map with like everything from road signs , ramps , traffic lights, live traffic feed ,obstacles, live construction feed all in a 3d map built in the car. “A great race towards autonomy is under way and companies are vying to introduce the first driverless cars to our roadways”stated Greg Brannon,AAA’s director of Automotive Engineering and Industry Relations. He also
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The GPS(Global positioning system) combined with tachometers,altimeters,and gyroscopes to provide the most accurate positioning. Lidar (light detection and ranging) monitor the vehicle's surroundings (road,vehicles,pedestrians,etc).Ultrasonic sensors to measure very close objects. Video cameras monitor the surroundings of the car (pedestrians,road,vehicles,)and read traffic lights.Odometry sensors to complement and improve the GPS information.Radar sensors monitor the vehicle's surrounding.The Central computer analyzes all the sensor input,applies rules of the road and operates the brakes,accelerator. Now all that tech can’t be fitted inside the car but the outside which makes it look a tad bit weird

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