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  • Smart Cars Case Study

    brought to practice by MCC is generally accepted by leading car-manufacturers as of key importance to future industry developments. Manufacturers and suppliers therefore monitor the successes and failures of MCC, as the results will mark the future organization of their companies and of the supply chain. Smart has now been an issue of concern as its sales performance has not met the company's…

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  • Disadvantages Of Carpooling

    Carpooling Have you ever tried carpooling? With traffic jams becoming a larger & larger problem these days carpooling became more popular across more countries. Carpooling is the travelling with someone together to reach your destination by sharing your rides with other people and help save the environment, and reduce pollution to have better environment as pollution is a serious problem nowadays. Although some people claim that carpooling is a convenient way for saving the environment…

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  • The Consequences Of Robotic Technology

    invented technologies every class through the robotics news report or at the beginning of every class when professor Eguchi introduced us to new technology. One of the memorable technologies that we covered in this semester was the autonomous car or self-driving car development. I have watched in cartoons or imagined about this ingenious concept when I was young. I never expected that I would hear the news…

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  • Practical Tips For Road Driving

    with a toddler – 9 practical tips when you’re on the road Our family has travelled quite a few kilometres by car. Long distance driving can be exhausting but you can make it more pleasant by preparing for it beforehand. The most important thing is to enjoy the road trip without rushing around. 9 practical tips when you’re on the road 1. Safety comes first • Make sure the baby car seat is securely installed before you head on the road. • Make sure you have all the important…

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  • Distracted Driving Essay

    created laws against the biggest offenders such as cell phone usage and driving under the influence. Distracted driving can be extremely dangerous and result in horrific accidents. The severity can range from minor vehicle damage all the way to a totaled car and devastating injuries and or possibly even…

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  • Florida Waters Treasure Hunters

    In these three passages; "Florida Waters Treasure Hunters" by Scott L. Key; "Weather Reconnaissance" by Harriet Jane Caldwell; and "Search For Ancient Civilization" by Juan De Los Santos, they all share a similarity. They share similarities of finding hidden treaure, also where and when storms are going to hit and ancient civilizations. But they also have differences like what tehnology they use to find those things. I think that in the passage "Search for Ancient Civilization" they…

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  • Environmental Differences In Bogota

    Every country has its own essence and this essence is what makes it a unique and powerful place full of new experiences for those who have never lived there. People can find places where the environment is enriched by nature or some other places where the center of attention is when the sun goes down and the incredible illuminations light up all over the streets. Moreover, when there is a possibility to stay for a long time living in certain places, it is much easier to analyze and enjoy these…

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  • Self-Driving Cars: The Perfect Future

    have said something that would contribute to life becoming a little easier. Self-driving cars will be the first step in becoming that perfect future. Self-driving cars will bring positive contributions to the communities with handicapped or the elderly. Further, they will also help with situations like avoiding accidents, and self-driving cars will also help with saving money. Sooner or later, self-driving cars will be everywhere . Technology is growing bigger and bigger everyday, we just have…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Self-Driving Car

    child would have the capability of driving a car. Google has recently built the prototype for an invention that will allow everyone, including people who despise driving to work on even the rainiest Monday morning, to sit back, relax, and (quite literally) enjoy the ride. Fellow readers, Google has invented the…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Importance Of Speeding

    drivers and passengers in the vehicles. Imagine someone going 80 mph on a 40mph road, they can look down for a second and be in the opposite lane and hit another vehicle head one and could lead to multiple collisions. What if there was a baby in that car, children, or even a whole family that could be killed or injured in a careless act of speeding. Having speed…

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