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  • Caries Risk Assessment

    Introduction Caries management by risk assessment (CAMBRA) is a strategy for caries prevention that looks at risk factors specific to the individual and what interventions should occur in order to lower or eliminate the risk factors present. There are four categories of risk levels: low-risk, moderate-risk, high-risk, and extreme-risk. Patients are assessed by risk factors and treated accordingly. The CAMBRA protocol varies for each patient and aims to provide education and treatment to either…

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  • Expanded Function Dental Assistant

    A Look Into Expanded Function Dental Assistants The providers of oral health care encompass a larger scope than just the dentist and his or her assistants and hygienists. Multiple disciplines exist within the field to help the efficiency of the dental practice and to provide the underserved population in the absence of an adequate dentist to population ratio. An expanded function dental assistant (EFDA) is one discipline that has come about to provide dental care in a more efficient way. An…

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  • Caries In Children

    children are continuing to face barriers to dental services. Research has shown that such differences are not due to the visiting pattern, but due to the course of treatment received by children and when such treatment was provided 88. There are four theories that have been trying to explain these differences; the first one suggested that rural children have poorer access to dental care that may include the travel costs and the availability of dental services within rural areas, which are…

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  • Chisholm Dental Case Study

    About five miles from my hometown there lies a small town called Chisholm. This city has no hospital and only one clinic. Within city limits, there lies a small school, an old grocery store and one dental office, Chisholm Dental. Run down buildings and “Out of Business” signs hang heavy on the street corners, which may explain why the average household income in Chisholm is less than 30,000. Poverty can be seen both on the front porches and the back alleys of this city. When given the…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Oral Hygiene

    When a clinician providing patient with oral health information, he focuses on what is important for each age group. Young people and children will need advice about consumption sweets and fizzy drinks or need to wear orthodontic appliance. Adults may need advice about alcohol consumption, smoking, oral health during pregnancy or wearing a gum shield for contact sports. While elderly will need advice about root surface caries, gum recession or denture care to prevent Candida stomatitis. There…

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  • Scotland's Oral Health

    al. (2011) explains that dental decay is an almost a completely preventable condition, however dental caries remains one of the world 's most prevalent diseases in childhood. The typical Scottish diet is high in sugar and contributes to well over the recommended daily amount for children (Barton and Wrieden 2012) high sugar consumption in the form of non-milk extrinsic sugars (NMES) is one of the several risk factors that have been identified in the development of dental cavities, along with…

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  • How To Write A Dental Career Essay

    Dental Careers Don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened (Dr. Suess). Dentistry is one of the best jobs you could ever go in for as a career. Just knowing you have all the benefits you need and ever wish for right in your hands. You get the privilege to help others who need your assistant and just knowing that at the end of the treatment he or she is going to have a bright smile on their face. When you hear words like “thank you for the wonderful new smile you gave my son…

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  • Essay On Local Anesthesia

    Local anesthesia is vital to the dental profession because of its benefit to patients and the dental team. In today’s dentistry patient comfort is extremely important along with making sure that the standard of care is met. Without the use of local anesthetic patients would be in excruciating pain during dental procedures. More difficult procedures may not even be able to be done because of the level of pain it would cause. Because many people fear the dentist and pain in general, without local…

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  • Dentures Research Paper

    Dentures: An Overview Oral health is the state of being free from facial and mouth pain, mouth cancers, gum disease, dental caries, tooth loss and other conditions that limit a person’s capacity to bite, chew, smile, speak and to function well in his daily life. This is why oral health must be maintained through proper nutrition, regular brushing and flossing and routine visits to the dentist. Contrary to what most people believe, aging does not cause oral diseases. Tooth decay, cavities,…

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  • Endodontics Personal Statement

    Seeing the patients smile after administering emergency root canal treatment in cases of acute dental pain is one of the most rewarding experience that motivates me towards a career in Endodontics. In 13 years of private practice, I have cherished success in healing pain by serving the community and developing the passion for a specialized practice. I am eager to learn more about new techniques and approaches to treatment through didactic and practical training in a residency program. Moreover,…

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