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  • Importance Of Microbial World On Teeth

    Dental plaque is a diverse microbial community that forms on the surface of your teeth and is embedded in a matrix of polymers that originates from bacteria and saliva. Plaque develops when foods that contain carbohydrates, such as sugars and starches,…

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  • Dental Hygiene In Schools Essay

    elementary, middle and high schools, hygiene is a prevalent issue, especially in areas that live in poverty or are low income. There are three areas my group and I will be focusing on throughout this project. In this paper specifically, I will touch upon dental hygiene. Our goal is to provide awareness that hygiene can greatly affect one’s overall health. Our interventions include presenting this in a creative way to elementary students so that they are able to learn why hygiene is so important.…

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  • Dental Hygiene Personal Statement

    What initially stimulated my interest in the field of dental hygiene was doing a research project on the occupation of a dental hygienist while I was in high school. From doing the project, I learned the tasks, years of education, hours, and salary of a dental hygienist which further intrigued my interest in the field. When I was younger, I had braces and learned that I would need jaw surgery, which made me more curious about the dental field. The more research and experiences I encountered in…

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  • Red Visor Analysis

    doggie, you can keep up the hunt for the stuffed animal prey, 'cause Mom will not be bringing home any hamburgers for you anytime in the near future. Much like humans, dogs can also get many different dental diseases such as gingivitis caused by plaque build up. One of the most common symptoms of dental disease in a dog is bad breath or halitosis. Other symptoms can be food…

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  • Oral Health Case Studies

    having pain in certain areas while eating sweets, and he also states that he has not visited an Oral Health Practitioner in 3 years. A good starting point for assessing and managing individual patients’ situation is by obtaining a good medical, dental as well as social history. During his initial visit, I will ask Ben some questions regarding a number of major systems such as cardiovascular and respiratory system. I will also ask him questions regarding specific conditions or disorders such…

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  • Dental Negligence Research Paper

    Claiming compensation for dental negligence If you have been injured due to the negligence of a dentist, you may be able to claim compensation for dental negligence. Dental negligence compensation claims can only be made if people have received substandard dental treatment which has directly led to some form of injury. Not all injuries acquired at the dentist are due to a healthcare worker's negligence, and not all cases of negligence lead to injury. Examples of dental negligence claims Dentist…

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  • Dental Hygienist

    My knowledge begins with shadowing two dental hygienists. A brief description on what a dental hygienist do is they specializes in providing clinical, educational and therapeutic services to enhance oral and overall health. They serve many functions in a dental office such as carefully exam teeth, mouth, and gums. They look for any signs of decay, periodontal disease, oral cancer, or other oral problems. They also take x rays so the doctor can view them and quickly diagnose any problems that…

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  • Essay On Teeth

    people care for their teeth. Being in the dental field I am constantly surrounded by people with varying health conditions. My career goal is to become a dentist, and with that providing patient knowledge is key. The things I learned while in dental assisting school made me realize how uninformed people are about their oral health and proper ways to take care of their teeth. By conducting this survey, I am interested in learning the basics of the classes dental habits. My survey was taken by…

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  • Dentistry Personal Statement Example

    I observed many dental procedures, including root canal treatment; extraction of wisdom tooth; filling cavity; taking impression for denture to replace lost teeth; and using x-ray for diagnosis. Looking back at this experience I consider a dentist provides more than just oral health care services. He has to manage staff, budgets and equipment in running the clinic business. Good communication skills are essential with colleagues, dental assistants, physicians, and most importantly…

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  • Essay On Radiology In Dentistry

    Radiology in dentistry has come a long way since C. Edmund Kells exposed the first dental radiograph in the United States to a living person. Radiographic images help health care professionals in dentistry diagnose and evaluate problems below the gum line, in the jaw and between and inside of your teeth. Science and technology are continually advancing and new technologies are being studied and introduced frequently. Digital imaging is one of these advances and offers a reliable and versatile…

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