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  • Nerve Complications

    teeth, in the lower jaw, often press on or wrap around the nerves that supply feeling to your tongue, lip and chin. And in these cases, where the roots are in close proximity to either the lingual nerve (LN) or the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN), the dental website warns that surgical extraction can cause nerve damage, leaving you with temporary or permanent loss of feeling, or…

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  • Sub-Gingival Margins

    planning for treatment for sub gingival placement of margin. It is essential for a health care practitioner to know how to prepare the patient’s teeth as well as place the gingival margins since this will lead to esthetic and a predictable final result. The relationship between the restoration of teeth and periodontal health is inseparable and intimate. As such, the treating health care practitioner is supposed to be well knowledgeable of the interactions of the restorations involving tissues of…

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  • Doctor Patient Communication

    their faces it’s easy to tell how proud they are of their work. This was a rewarding experience for me because while working with the students a felt that I was able to develop better ways to communicate with children that will carry over into the dental field. I became more patient and empathetic as the program progress when catering to the needs of the students. I feel that the lesson that I have learned in my undergraduate studies and while…

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  • Clear Aligners

    How Clear Aligners Can Bring In More Revenue for Your Practice Orthodontics is a booming market worth 11 billion per year. Additionally, lots of orthodontists are expected to retire soon. Increased demand and limited supply means the industry should become even more lucrative in the upcoming years. Clear aligners are one of the major growth engines of the orthodontics boom. Clear aligners are a treatment used in place of braces to straighten a patient’s teeth. Their robust perks make them…

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  • Bisphenol A Case Study

    to Tamer Marzouk for his application to pursue advance dental training for children with special health care needs . I have known Tamer for 13 months, first as a participant Summer Institute for Clinical Dental Research Methods at the University of Washington (which I now direct) and subsequently as a volunteer on my NIH-funded R01 prospective cohort study examining the extent to which children are exposed to Bisphenol A from resin-based dental materials. We continue working together,…

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  • Gaining A Root Canal

    With all of the false myths spread about root canals, you might think that getting a root canal is similar to a torture scene in Game of Thrones. However, with misinformation cast aside, you'll see that getting a root canal is not much different than getting a cavity filled. In fact, after rooting out the myths below, you'll likely find that getting a root canal isn't so scary after all. The Excruciating Pain Myth The humble root canal procedure is closely associated with one giant myth: root…

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  • Nyu's Dental Hygiene Degree

    streets to their workplace, and yelling for someone to hold the subway doors. This fast-paced lifestyle of the city invigorates me. When it was time to start my college application, NYU was the first university I put down. I chose to apply to NYU’s Dental Hygiene Program in the College of Dentistry. While many other universities have dentistry as a major within their college, NYU is really unique in the sense that they offer a whole college that is dedicated specifically to dentistry. This will…

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  • Importance Of Microbial World On Teeth

    Dental plaque is a diverse microbial community that forms on the surface of your teeth and is embedded in a matrix of polymers that originates from bacteria and saliva. Plaque develops when foods that contain carbohydrates, such as sugars and starches,…

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  • Dental Hygiene In Schools Essay

    elementary, middle and high schools, hygiene is a prevalent issue, especially in areas that live in poverty or are low income. There are three areas my group and I will be focusing on throughout this project. In this paper specifically, I will touch upon dental hygiene. Our goal is to provide awareness that hygiene can greatly affect one’s overall health. Our interventions include presenting this in a creative way to elementary students so that they are able to learn why hygiene is so important.…

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  • Dental Hygiene Personal Statement

    What initially stimulated my interest in the field of dental hygiene was doing a research project on the occupation of a dental hygienist while I was in high school. From doing the project, I learned the tasks, years of education, hours, and salary of a dental hygienist which further intrigued my interest in the field. When I was younger, I had braces and learned that I would need jaw surgery, which made me more curious about the dental field. The more research and experiences I encountered in…

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