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  • Deborah Smith Pegues Chapter Summary

    Deborah Smith Pegues book is a concrete guide to confronting conflict fortified with biblical standards. The book is broken down into five parts which shows confrontation harmony, styles, effectiveness, personality, and selected situations. Part 1 consists of the goal of confrontation and the commanded to confront. Pegues called it “the bridge to harmony”. The goal of confrontation is to have clarity on the desired outcome and biblical teaching to deal with issues before they get out of hand.…

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  • Deborah Tannen Power Of Talk Analysis

    Deborah Tannen in her Essay, the “the Power of Talk” dissects how communication tells not only ideas, but the power structure of a conversation. Tannen looks at the fundamental differences within people to show how power can change in a conversation. Looking specifically at gender, culture, and job standings - Tannen can understand how those anthropological aspects affect conversation. Within individual speech patterns, communication can be used to pinpoint the imbalance of power in a group…

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  • Sex Lies And Conversation By Deborah Tannen

    In many relationships, communication is known as a common factor that presents as a problem amongst men and women. Men and women both have different perspectives and communicative skills when it comes to conversations. In Deborah Tannen’s article, “Sex, Lies, and Conversation: Why Is It So Hard for Men and Women to Talk to Each Other?” she discusses the different means of conversational skills amongst men and women and how divorce rates in the United States have been linked misunderstandings in…

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  • Deborah King The Impact Of Celebrities Summary

    In the article “ The Impact of Celebrities” by Deborah King, she addresses the topic of how we as a society are obsessed with celebrity gossip or the negative influences. King addresses that society is “ obsessed with celebrities” because we want to see them fail. For example, Dr. Charlotte De Backer carried out a study to try to explain why we are so obsessed with celebrities . However, our society is more captivated, by celebrities who are bad role models. Additionally, the media spreads…

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  • Deborah Tannen War Of Worlds Analysis

    arguing lets us take a stand and reason with our opponents. Our intellect & personalities shape how we engage in arguments. Research indicates that if you want to persuade, you should sculpt your points using your opposition’s moral framework. Deborah Tannen, the author of ‘War of Worlds,’ believes there are emotional precautions to take into account before confronting someone. She states that “Everywhere we turn, there is evidence that, in public discourse, we prize contentiousness and…

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  • The Seven Stages Of Grieving By Deborah Mailman

    "The 7 Stages of Grieving still speaks to us. Wise, honest, tender, funny and eloquent, this work for solo performer still packs a punch" - Australian Stage The play, The 7 Stages of Grieving, was written by Deborah Mailman and Wesley Enoch. After 24 years, it is still as relevant and vital as ever in the fact that it conveys the grieving experienced by Aboriginals, thus the title. Directed by Jason Klarwein, this one-woman play starring Chenoa Deemal manages to convey dramatic meaning in its…

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  • Feminism In Deborah Tannen's There Is No Unmarked Woman

    radical mindset. Today, people on Twitter are calling out the media for sexist headings about the Olympics; people jump to defend rape survivors; there is a larger call than ever to erase the wage gap. In the article “There is No Unmarked Woman,” Deborah Tannen states that a woman is judged or marked simply for her appearance. In “Between the World and Me,” Ta-Nehisi Coates contemplates the shift on white America. The arguments Coates and Tannen both focus on issues on feminism, and both have a…

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  • Bad Indians By Deborah Miranda Summary

    The tribal memoir, Bad Indians by Deborah Miranda is an intricately written body of work that recounts the social and historical story of an entire peoples. The memoir’s use of several different mediums assists in exposing all aspects of Indian life including periods of subjugation through missionization and secularization. The period labeled as “Reinvention” focuses deeply on the wave of immense interest in the study of Indian culture by white men. Miranda includes in this period a section…

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  • Analysis Of Bad Indians By Deborah Miranda

    modern day Indians. The narrative of Native American societies has been misconstrued and one explicit example of this is the infamous fourth grade mission project that does injustice to the persecutions and subjugation that the Native Americans faced. Deborah Miranda, the author of Bad Indians, tells the harsh reality of what really happened through pictures, short stories, and poems upsetting the myth of benevolent colonization. In one of the anecdotes, Miranda sits at an airport waiting to…

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  • Analysis Of Kabul Beauty School By Deborah Rodriguez

    In The memoir Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez went beyond to help women to fulfill their dream and empower them. Rodriguez takes us through a journey filled with stories about her own life and how it is interconnected with the Kabul women in such ways. Rodriguez’s struggle and hard work to open up the Beauty school in Kabul has led to discoveries of afghan women as capable, confident, deeply determined and endlessly resilient. In a country where women have very few opportunities to…

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