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  • Direct Characterization In Frankenstein

    colorful, attractive to the eyes and tempting to touch but alas no animal can be allowed to be so endearing for it had not one but two little brains yes it had two heads. So terrible the fate of this critter is that each head had a mind of its own both so different but their difference is not the matter at hand but rather their destination. Because the creature of no name walking on it’s 4 little paws had a mission not as sinister as it sounds but still rather quite important as the fate of its species rests on her yes her little shoulders unluckily she was of a small species that was thought to be extinct but really they were in hiding because as it is there… “Sorry for the interruption it seems Deborah is back,” the narrator says with a slight stutter “yes I am” replies the one called Deborah “ouch I’m sorry I wouldn’t narrate anymore”… “Shut the door behind you” “I apologize profusely for whatever boring narrative he has tortured you with but I’m the actual narrator anyways, I’d start from the top in my version but I’m lazy so let’s just continue”. Okay, so these animals were in hiding because there is a cycle of life. First, have ever wondered why whenever a new species is discovered another just suddenly…

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  • Book Of Judges Analysis

    upheaval- more than likely in the eleventh century BCE. The Israelites and the Canaanites are at odds with each other. In regards to Judges 4:17-23, the events take place outside of Mount Tabor, where the Kenites were residing at the time. It not known where this is exactly because the Kenite people were known to be nomadic ("Boadicea.".) The exact date of this particular passage is unknown due to a lack of historicity within the book. This passage is somewhat different than the entire book of…

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  • The Better For My Foes By Elouise Bell Analysis

    The essay The Better For My Foes written by Elouise Bell. Bell emphasizes the importance of opposition. Relaying common mistakes Americans and Mormons participate in deeming all opposition as pure evil. Bell draws a light on personal and intellectual growth that can be erected from opposition, but demonstrates the consequences of asserting it. Agonism In The Academy by Deborah Tannen reveals the weak link in the educational system. Portraying the combat like atmosphere encouraged and exposing…

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  • Deborah Tannen

    Deborah Tannen has researched the importance of education and narrowed the topic to be influenced on the gender differences. The article written by Deborah Tannen titled “How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently” captures students’ participation in a classroom setting. It can be overlooked that gender has no effect with their education, but is explained as why engagement correlates with the gender of the students’. Tannen researched and observed different effects involving…

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  • I Only Say This Because I Love You Analysis

    The relationships between family members can often be the most complex relationships. Deborah Tannen tries to shed some light on family relationships in her book, I Only Say This because I Love You. Deborah Tannen has primarily studied linguistics, but she has also written books explaining communications of all types. In this book, she focuses on families and explains how to understand the relationships between family members. Each chapter goes into detail about individual relationships, such…

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  • Deborah Samson Essay

    Deborah Samson(protagonist)- Deborah Samson was a young woman living in Middleborough, a small town in the United States of America. During this time period, women were not treated equally compared to men, and Deborah felt trapped in a small town with no potential future outside the constraints set by society for women. In a rebellious attempt to join the military disguised as a man to get away from Middleborough, she was caught and faced legal prosecution. Deborah, however, decided to run away…

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  • Deborah Tannen Analysis

    Task of Understanding One Another “Why aren’t you listening to me?” that is what I would ask my dad when I would not see him engaged in what I had to say. However he never failed to repeat exactly what I told him. Most women need eye contact to show that the listener is absorbed in the conversation. That is just one of the many examples that are presented as what we naturally expect a certain way to act or listen when one is present. The reason why we do not realize this natural presumption is…

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  • Deborah Character Analysis

    As usual, I had to a do a little research to discover who played some of the minor characters, and I did ascertain that while this cast has some notable and recognized professionals, there are also several outstanding newcomers. Thankfully, all the actors and actresses work together to make this another of my favorites of the holiday season. In fact, at the end of this film, I declared that this is unmistakably my kind of film. No stranger to the screen, Deborah gives a blissfully magnificent…

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  • Gender Roles In The Song Of Deborah

    The Song of Deborah is considered one of the most well preserved and traditional pieces within the Bible. In Judges of the Hewbew Bible, the Song of Deborah accounts tribal conflict and the struggles of society with no king, however most importantly it projects the significant role women have in society. This is reflected through three main individuals: Deborah, Jael, and Sisera’s mother, all of whom can be described as liminal females, as seen through leadership, bravery and maternal roles they…

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  • Deborah Tannen's Argument Cluture

    The two articles Agonism in the Acadamy Suriving Higher Learning’s Argument Cluture by Deborah Tannen and The Better for My Foes The role of Opposition by Elouise Bell are both well writien articles. They both have very diffrent views but at the same time have some similaritys. One thing that I noticed when reading that they both talk about heated debate/ agurmnet. When i see those two words togther i think they are similar, as they both result insomething that you are talking about with…

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