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  • State Of Wonder Character Analysis

    An essential theme present all throughout the novel, State of Wonder by Ann Patchett, is the journey it takes for people as individuals to find who they truly are, and how the topic of morality plays a big role in the process. From the beginning of the book, it is evident that the main character, Dr. Marina Singh, relies solely on past events which in consequence, continue to torment her as an adult and further dictate how she lives her life. Moreover, these fears increase as she begins her…

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  • Janet Kornblum's Tapping Into Text Messaging

    The authors Janet Kornblum “Tapping into Text Messaging” and Michael Rubinkam “Texting in Class is Rampant” debate the good and bad sides of Texting with information and support. The idea of texting started in Europe in the late 90s, now it’s all over the world and communication had changed because of it, Texting, like speech, sign language and writing, is part of our developing language system. The authors tries to stay neutral towards the tropic, they highlighted both, pros and cons that come…

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  • The Spread Of ISIS

    Spread of ISIS ISIS has risen recently to be the most effectively powerful jihadi group in the world. It consists of thousands of participants. ISIS started as a part of Al-Qaeda but broke off two years later. The leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has turned ISIS into an extremely aggressive system; one of the most violent the United States has ever had to face. The group often utilizes suicide bombers to inflict the terror and deaths in the areas they attack. So far, they have occupied land from…

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  • Should School Sports Get Paid?

    For some time, schools have been debating whether they should get rid of sports to help students improve their education. Many studies have found that schools that provide after school athletics are shown to have a lower academic rate. Therefore, school sports should be cut off because they are a distraction from school work, cost a great deal of money, and cause fatigue. Many student athletes know that their extra-curricular sports may take away from their education. According to the article…

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  • Annotated Bibliography: Should Students To Get Rid Of Sports In Schools

    Intro Paragraph (THESIS IN BOLD PINK) Across the nation schools are debating if they should keep sports. According to the Scholastic article, sports are embedded in American schools, yet this fact rarely comes up in conversations about why America lags behind other countries academically. Therefore, sports should not be offered at schools because students will have better academic results, because it costs districts a great deal of money, and America is falling behind academically. Body…

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  • My Writing Reflection

    thinking beyond the topic and comparing it onside of reality. I consider myself a somewhat strong and creative writer when it involves a topic that grasps my attention and I can easily relate to. The challenges that I face as a writer are as following: debating, thinking, and combining my thoughts or opinions. I tend…

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  • Otto Hahn Accomplishments

    Otto Hahn was a great scientist that did multiple things to advance the scientific field. Otto Hahn was born March 8, 1879 and died on July 28, 1968. In his early years he was debating being an architect but later went on to become a German chemist. Hahn attended the University of Marburg and recieved his doctorate degree in 1901. He served one year in the military. In 1904, he went to London to learn English and ended up working at the University College. At University College, Hahn ended up…

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  • Should Creativity Be Taught In Schools

    school, we need to be learning knowledge to get us ready for later in life. Yes creativity is important, but it is not vital for our future. Recently a study has shown that creativity is declining all around us. In result of that, people have been debating on whether or not we should start teaching a class…

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  • How Boy Scouts Changed My Life

    keeping a commitment. I wanted to give back to my community and felt that leaving an impact on two schools that impacted me was the best choice for my project. My Eagle Scout Project has given practice with management and finance; the two majors I am debating between. It has made me realize the difference I can make in my community that affects many people. Boy Scouts has provided me with situations and experience that I will remember forever. These lessons I will take wherever I go, and will…

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  • Analysis: Should Schools Start Later

    Did you know that people work better in the morning? People are debating if school start times shoulds start later. They believe that kids do not get enough sleep on school nights. Others believe that their start times should be the same. Schools start times should not be changed because kids have more time for activities after school and transportation from school to home would not be a problem. One important reason to keep the start time the start time the same is kids have more time for…

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