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  • Free College Admissions Essays: My Goals In My Life

    That day, I was extremely confused and couldn’t figure out what exactly I was doing in a class where I couldn’t even answer a simple opposition to why or why not ignorance was in fact bliss. Of Course things later changed once Mr. Wood gave us our first lesson on why it is wrong to show up unprepared to a debate tournament and weeks later, I began debating at varsity Lincoln Douglas…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Debate In Education

    Debate I have been involved in debate since 6th grade, before out middle school provided a debate class. Three of my friends and I were coached by elder sibling of a couple friends in the event of congress, which we were able to compete in via our UDL, which hosted middle school tournaments and gave us the resources to participate in the program. Midway through 7th grade, I began competing in the event of policy debate with a close friend, through which, for middle scholars, we reached a…

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  • Debating Immigration Summary

    In “Should immigrants assimilate?”, Alejandro Portes and Min Zhou address the pressure to automatically assimilate that continues to hound second generation immigrants. They weigh the costs of this automatic assimilation and the effects of evident discrimination of a second generation immigrant that follows if assimilation is refused. Mary C. Waters’ article, “Debating Immigration”, acknowledges the inconsistencies of public debate and credible studies dealing with second generation immigrants…

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  • Debating The Sharing Economy: A Case Study

    Other references will be made to the work of Juliet Schor; a Professor of Sociology at Harvard University, whose essay “Debating the Sharing Economy” compares and contrasts the components of this sector to the traditional mechanisms of society. These sources are critical when making connections between the claims of proponents and critics, and the realities of genuine practice. Moreover, when studying this issue, political and cultural relationships need to be considered. “The sharing…

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  • Debating Utilitarianism: Jeremy Bentham And John Stuart Mill

    Debating Utilitarianism Bentham was an English philosopher and political radical. He was primarily known today for his moral philosophy, especially his principle of utilitarianism, which evaluates actions based upon their consequences.The thought in utilitarianism is that the ethical worth of an activity is resolved exclusively by its incentive in giving joy or joy as summed among every single cognizant being. It is a type of consequentialism, implying that the ethical worth of any activity…

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  • Charles Payne's Point Of View: Debating The Civil Rights Movement

    Payne Essay “Debating the Civil Rights Movement, 1945-68” (Steven Lawson and Charles Payne) is a book that is about how Charles Payne and Steven Lawson look at the people who made the movement a success and how they did it. We are specifically looking at Payne’s point of view, “The View from the Trenches”. Charles Payne was born in March 1948. He studies civil rights activism, urban education reform and lots of other things. He has several organizations that try and address social justice.…

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  • Reflective Essay Before Attending The Public School Tournament

    Even though we were not as prepared as other students attending, we debated better than we ever had before. In our first debate we walked into the cold hotel room and sat at our appropriate table very close to our opponents. The room was silent and our judges made no remarks. Our opponents started to speak and I had a feeling of fear that shudder throughout my body. They were speaking wonderfully and I could tell that they had a lot of experience debating. Suzie did not seem phased…

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  • Controversial Issues In The Classroom

    Teaching controversial issues in the classroom through discussion is the most beneficial method for students to learn about these matters because it teaches them how to be open-minded, think critically about their own beliefs, and forces them to master their public speaking and interpersonal skills. The benefits of using discussions in classrooms to teach contentious topics are endless but the three previously mentioned have proven to be the most valuable by students, teachers, and parents…

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  • Secret Life Of Bees Reflection

    This year we started by reading the book the secret life of bees. We then learned how to write a story using hero’s Journey. Once we finished that we went on with debating. We read the story of 12 angry men and we started to LD debate. While we were covering the Story of “ The Secret life of Bees” I learned a lot about bees and about the Jim Crow law. I learned that there are many types of bees in a hive. For example the queen bee. She lives for about 3 years and lays all of the eggs in the…

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  • Participation In Athenian Democracy

    Democracy first begin to develop in Athens in 5th century because Athenians were not satisfied with systems that created in Athens. They requested to create better governments. It was direct democracy but there are few differences. About 15 percent of Athenian citizens could participate in ancient Athenian democracy. Only men could participate in Athenian Democracy, but women, slaves, and poor people was excluded. Citizens of men had equal rights and speak whatever they want because they have…

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