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  • Sports Debate

    Sports debate is a hobby that I am most passionate for. A reason I am so fond of this hobby is because it includes two of my favorite things: sports and arguing. I constantly find myself tuning into ESPN to watch ESPN first take or Fox Sports to watch Undisputed. These two sports debate shows take up most of most mornings as I would sit watching the art of oration between two well prepared candidates. Unlike sports debate, writing papers was not one of my hobbies. In fact my mindset towards writing was that of abhorrence instead of dedication and care. As a result, the papers I turned in high school were hit or miss depending on how the teacher felt about my paper but usually my essay grades were ,needless to say, not As. However, deep down…

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  • Presidential Debate Analysis

    Presidential debates have been and still are a major player to the Presidential elections. The debates have evolved from newspaper to radio to television and now to social media/ the internet. One of the most popular debates have been decided by the image presented by each president. Television made this task for presidents even harder because now they look good or they will pay the consequences. For example, in the 1960s the president took on the new evolution of the debates which was through…

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  • Debate Speech Example

    MODERATOR, smiles: Good evening everyone and welcome to tonight’s debate streaming live from Shoreline Amphitheater outside Google headquarters. From all of us here in Mountain View, thanks for joining us. [to the camera] Tonight is the fourth and final presidential debate and voters’ last chance to see the candidates side-by-side before casting their ballots next Tuesday. Much could be determined in the next 90 minutes; so let’s get to it. [turns] To start things off, I’m going to ask that our…

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  • Study Abroad Debate Essay

    Studying abroad is an opportunity that many college students wish to take part in during their college career. “Room for Debate” asks the question of if it is actually worth it. Is it worth the money? Is it enriching the students education? Should studying abroad be mandatory for students? All of these questions are ones that students parents most likely ask them selves before they are willing to dish out the tens of thousands of dollars that it costs to spend a semester or a year abroad.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Debate In Education

    Debate I have been involved in debate since 6th grade, before out middle school provided a debate class. Three of my friends and I were coached by elder sibling of a couple friends in the event of congress, which we were able to compete in via our UDL, which hosted middle school tournaments and gave us the resources to participate in the program. Midway through 7th grade, I began competing in the event of policy debate with a close friend, through which, for middle scholars, we reached a…

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  • Women's Rights Debate

    Everyday men and women debate over controversial topics like; medically assisted suicide, the death penalty, gun control laws, or even where to eat dinner. These topics are ones that once your personal opinion is set it is hard to change, just like abortion laws. Being pro-life or pro-choice is an opinion that some may not understand or respect. But how they came about doesn’t change and who made these amendments still stands. No matter your stance, no matter your gender, the majority of society…

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  • Abortion's Moral Debate

    Abortion has long been a very controversial moral debate, which have yet to reach a definite conclusion. Being a common issue, abortion is a subject that many movies, and television series have tackled. In the chosen series, called The Hippocratic Crush, the characters are faced with the dilemma of abandoning a baby or keeping it. In the episode, the final decision made in the television series is to perform abortion. The morality of such act is justified to be right, through analyzing the…

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  • Pro-Life And Abortion Debate

    Pro-life and Pro-choice Debate Abortion plays on the heart strings of all who are involved. Both side of the arguments are arguing for human life, one side for the mother and the other for the unborn child. Values play the biggest role in these arguments, and each argument can be circular based on people’s values. These sides use many different transcendence arguments for their movement. Both sides use quantity, quality, value, hierarchy, and antithesis to convince people to support their side…

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  • Public Health: The Vaccine Debate

    Individual Rights Vs. Public Health: The Vaccine Debate. The purpose of the author’s essay was to provide context for a debate between two opposing advocates for, and against mandatory vaccination. The author completed the task of identifying and clarifying the primary arguments of the two opposing sides, whether mandatory vaccines are an infringement of personal rights or if they are a necessity for public health. The author uses this essay to provide each of the proponents’ stances for each…

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  • Arguments Against Abortion Debates

    present issues of abortion as well as the social injustice surrounding this debate. Though Tracy aligns with the pro-life political stance, he presents criticisms for both sides of this important and heated debate. On the other hand, Thia Cooper never denies her stance that abortion should be legal, but along the same lines she brings up wrongs committed from both pro-life and pro-choice. Both articles bring to attention some of the faults of both sides of the debate, and both argue that the…

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