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  • The Role Of Rule Making In Congress

    laid out the basic framework for rulemaking. The APA is still in place and is considered the basic legislature standard. Congress delegated some legislative power to the rulemaking process, to avoid spending value time in drafting, refining laws, debating, therefore, putting all there energy into the reelection process. Besides just campaigning for reelection, which rulemaking does promote, below are other impact and role that rulemaking has on the Congress. These facts were taken from…

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  • Most Overrated Philosopher Plato

    philosophers work and if the ideas are discussed more than they need to be. In this case, I would argue that Plato is the most overrated philosopher. For one, some of his dialogues do not feature himself as a character. Socrates is the main character who is debating with opponents. One can argue that Plato may have been using Socrates as a character or a mouthpiece to explain his own ideas. But why would he feel the need to do so? In the Republic, Plato explains his idea of the ideal society yet…

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  • Reflection On Leadership Skills And Implementations

    Leadership Skills and Implementations The idea of leadership¬—and plugging myself into the equation—has always been a precarious matter. I have experienced vast work situations and I have also been in positions of authority, yet, I have never felt like a leader. Before starting this course I believed that to be a leader is one who enjoys and thrives on office politics; I thoroughly lack this “quality.” To me, leadership sounded like an adjective for one who manipulates others to either do…

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  • Surveillance Pros And Cons

    the United States has taken a very different look at security vs privacy. This can be seen through changes not only in surveillance but also in plane security. Making people give up more privacy for increased security. As a society we are still debating on what we value more, security or privacy. Likewise in surveillance, a similar change has happened, more surveillance through all types of mediums are now taking place. This is done to thwart terrorist attacks against the country. The…

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  • Why Is Religion Important In The 17th Century

    between protestants and Catholics. “ Christians are like frogs holding a symposium round a swamp, debating which of them is most sinful.” This quote describes christians as “frogs holding a symposium round a swamp.” Which was evident in the 17th century. During that time, there was wars and different beliefs, especially in religion. They were given a task which was mentioned in the quote that they were “ debating which of them is most sinful” which means that they criticized people based on what…

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  • Narcotics In Colombia

    Finally, the economy is one of the most influential geo-cultural structures that has been used by regional and international agents in Plan Colombia. Nothing has influenced the trade of narcotics more than this structure, as it is through the economy that the supply and demand for narcotics is maintained. As long as there continues to be a demand for narcotics such as cocaine, drug traffickers will be kept in business. They are aided by the economy at all times. The FARC also operates using…

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  • Essay On American Foreign Policy

    reflected the change in its national interest. The American foreign policy is a major issue for the people today is because the terrorists just attacked Paris and over a hundred citizens were killed in the aftermath. Therefore, the United States was debating on whether that they should declare war on Isis; however, for the Congress claims that they should become neutral and don’t start a war. The reason why the Congress doesn’t want to start a war with Isis is because if the United States were…

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  • Abortion Debate

    difficult question to answer, but many have tried to define a line. Although a fetus does have some rights, I believe the fetus and embryo should have nearly complete protection and the development of their senses should be taken into consideration when debating this topic. Between conception and 20-24 weeks, a fetus has little to no rights separate from the mother, depending on which state the abortion occurs in. An embryo is…

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  • The Role Of Diversity In America

    uniqueness and power that numerous of cultures are able to work together as a whole. As well as creates problems in our society on perception and trust towards one another. Since, we have accepted multiple cultures around the world, people are usually debating each other about what’s right to belief in, what we should believe in or nothing at all. In fact, having an immense diverse community creates the public’s opinion about one another. The different cultures and traditions that each…

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  • Curfew Persuasive Essay

    Car wrecks occur everyday and a large percent of them involve teenagers. A city council is debating the adoption of a 10 P.M weekday curfew and a 12 A.M weekend curfew for teenagers. I agree that there should be a weekday and weekend curfew for teenagers because they tend to get in trouble past 10 P.M or midnight, there are drunk drivers on the road, and it can be hard to see the roads at night. Teenagers are known for getting themselves into meanness or trouble, and most of the time they get…

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