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  • Miracle Magic Reflection

    The scenario is that I have a business that has been involved with eight business partners in which four ladies are my friends and the other four recently just joined the company. So at first the business had 4 business partners and currently they have eight in total now. The other four are men that just recently joined the business are my cousins that just recently came from Korea and France. The business is a beauty company called “Miracle Magic” which specializes in haircuts, manicures, spa,…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Appearance Vs Reality

    The so-called appearance versus reality distinction has been a philosophical and scientific problem that has been debated since ancient Greece. The pursuit of discerning between the way things are and the way they appear to be is one driven by the human desire to understand. Appearances can mask reality and skew one’s perception of reality. A group of early Greek philosophers and teachers, known as the Sophists, proposed that reality did not exist, and if it did, it was beyond human…

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  • The Similes In Book 20 Of Homer's Odyssey

    This simile is taken from Book 20 of The Odyssey of Homer. Odysseus is debating whether or not to kill the household maids who are laughing on their way to meet the suitors at night. When he witnesses the women who work in his own house go to bed with the suitors, who are dishonoring him and his family, he gets very angry. He is compared to a growling female dog, which is trying to protect her pups from an unknown person. Odysseus, likewise, feels the same vulnerability of a mother dog with…

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  • NHS Internship Report

    Stemming from my deep-rooted desire to aid humanity, medicine is the perfect blend of emotion and academia, combining what it means to be human with the intellectual and social skills needed to build relationships with patients and colleagues alike. Through a range of work placements, I learnt how to approach life as a doctor. At a lead clinical neuromodulator centre at Guys’ & St Thomas’ Hospital, it has become clear to me that humanity’s view of medicine is the antithesis to reality. What…

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  • Murder Cases In The Film, 12 Angry Men

    In the film, 12 Angry Men, twelve disgruntled, sweat-covered jurymen are debating the verdict of a murder case. The audience gets unique insight into the deliberation of an emotionally-charged case. A young boy is accused of murdering his abusive father in their apartment and then fleeing the scene. The jury raises vital questions about the case that will ultimately form their decision. They must agree unanimously to either acquit the boy of his father’s murder or to send him to the electric…

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  • The Role Of Morality In Night By Elie Wiesel

    Morality It is a human instinct to prioritize their own well being before others. We are constantly confronted with situations where we as humans have to take action for our own well being. In the book, “Night” by Elie Wiesel, he shares his own traumatic experience of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a genocide of 12 million people, such as Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, basically anyone who is different and wouldn’t fit into Adolf Hitler’s image of a perfect society. This…

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  • The Argument Against Federalism

    The importance and sovereignty of a state having the power to decide what is right for their own state is expressed in the address ,but with the example of slavery shows, people's freedom and choice ends when that choice is unjust and infringes on other people’s rights and a strong national government needs to have the power to police states when choices like that are made. Federalism is important in being the voice and power of reason. Some choices that are not infringing on other’s rights…

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  • The Supreme Court: The American Judicial System

    vote to end debate on the topic; this is called cloture. However, there are ways around these issues of delaying a vote. There is the nuclear option, this option allows the majority party that controls the Senate to change the rules on voting and debating a topic and initiate cloture for a filibuster by a simple majority vote. In 2013 Democrats employed the nuclear option to change the rules for executive nominees to be confirmed by a majority vote because they controlled the Senate. Now,…

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  • The Graduate Film Analysis

    It is not uncommon for newly graduated college students stepping into the world to experience a heavy dose of reality. It also is not unusual for college students to feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness when faced with reality. Directed by Mike Nichols,” The Graduate ”, a film that observes a newly graduated college student, Benjamin, played by actor Denis Hoffman, dealing with reality and all of the disconnection it might come with. By highlighting and focusing on Benjamin’s social…

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  • Atkins Vs. Virginia Summary

    The case of Atkins v. Virginia involved an 18-year old named Daryl Atkins. After a day of drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana with a friend, the two walked to a convenience store where they abducted an airman from Langley Air Force Base (Paust, 1998). The two men forced themselves into his pickup truck and drove him to an ATM teller where he was forced to withdraw money at gunpoint (Paust, 1998). Atkins and his accomplish then drove the airman to a remote area and shot him eight times.…

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