Free College Admissions Essays: My Goals In My Life

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Because I am more than acquainted with the knowledge of my mother 's yearly salary, and well informed of all the expenses that a four year university and law school account for, I know for a fact that it is necessary for me to continually challenge myself by introducing greater goals in my day to day life. It is not everyday that you hear a 17 year old girl state that she wishes to rightfully earn her spot in the United States Legislative branch, but today is just one of those few days.
Congress also known as “The Millionair Club” seems way out of my reach at this point in my life, and that is thanks to the fact that I am not a millionaire, and that my immigration status remains undetermined. These two reasons currently act as a burden to my life because, it makes it paying college tuition and expenses even more difficult, and decreases my chances of fulfilling my dream to be a representative of the house, but that doesn 't stop me from dreaming. Who knows, maybe one day i 'll be a millionaire, maybe one day as a lawyer, I will represent a case so big that it will land in the supreme court, but that day will only come if continually apply the leadership skills that I have developed since 1998.
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That day, I was extremely confused and couldn’t figure out what exactly I was doing in a class where I couldn’t even answer a simple opposition to why or why not ignorance was in fact bliss. Of Course things later changed once Mr. Wood gave us our first lesson on why it is wrong to show up unprepared to a debate tournament and weeks later, I began debating at varsity Lincoln Douglas

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