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  • Secret Life Of Bees Reflection

    This year we started by reading the book the secret life of bees. We then learned how to write a story using hero’s Journey. Once we finished that we went on with debating. We read the story of 12 angry men and we started to LD debate. While we were covering the Story of “ The Secret life of Bees” I learned a lot about bees and about the Jim Crow law. I learned that there are many types of bees in a hive. For example the queen bee. She lives for about 3 years and lays all of the eggs in the…

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  • Participation In Athenian Democracy

    Democracy first begin to develop in Athens in 5th century because Athenians were not satisfied with systems that created in Athens. They requested to create better governments. It was direct democracy but there are few differences. About 15 percent of Athenian citizens could participate in ancient Athenian democracy. Only men could participate in Athenian Democracy, but women, slaves, and poor people was excluded. Citizens of men had equal rights and speak whatever they want because they have…

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  • Deborah Tannen War Of Worlds Analysis

    Mr. Kidd English 1301 25 September 2017 End of Discussion Whether you notice it or not, debating takes form in many different ways and scenarios everywhere around us. There are debates in classrooms, courtrooms and in the homes of many others including citizens and representatives. However form it may take; whatever predicaments or in what setting on any level, debating and arguing lets us take a stand and reason with our opponents. Our intellect & personalities shape how we…

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  • Figurative Language In Don T Call Me Ishmael

    individual traits and personality. In Don’t Call Me Ishmael by Michael Gerard Bauer, it is clear that Ishmael’s low self-esteem and James Scobie’s debating skills are constantly emphasized by Bauer’s use of similes and metaphors. The author uses figurative language to develop Ishmael’s alarmingly low self-esteem, together with James Scobie’s dazzling debating skills. The author uses a great deal of figurative language to expose Ishmael’s critically low self-esteem. Whilst talking about how…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Secret Life Of Bees

    English is like a skill, it is a necessary class, all students must take in order for them to advance in their writing, vocabulary, and speech. As a young child, I struggled immensely in my English classes, but ever since I made the decision to come to Infinity Early College High School I have excelled in every category there is in English. I’ve learned many beneficial things throughout this semester, starting from things like analysing a book to creating my own hero’s journey story and even…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Getting Rid Of School Sports Essay

    The U.S. has been debating about getting rid of athletic activities for many important reasons. America is lagging behind other countries academically because they focus more on, sports rather than education. Therefore schools should not have sports in order for learners to reach their academic goal, promote student health and cut costs. People are thinking about getting rid of school athletics in america because they cause children to focus more on sports rather than school. According to…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Going To Mars

    Going to mars is a serious matter. Many experts around the world are debating on whether we must go to Mars or not. Mars is the forth planet from the sun, and is known by the Red planet (1) because of the reddish appearance it has. Some people think that it may be a habitable planet to colonize and live on. Others believe that it is a bad idea. For example; going to mars is dangerous and not easy where one trip requires 6 to 7 months in space with lack pf gravity which may cause back pain and 2%…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 2 Individual Assignment

    Items of this Guttman chart generally follow the expected pattern as the more difficult items have less 1s and the 1s are from higher achieving students. However, there are still some expectations. Item 2.1, “Use Chinese only for unknown vocabularies”, shows a particularly irregular pattern, as some students of a lower ZPD group were able to present the required skill while some higher students didn’t. Item 6.3 and 5.3 also show irregular patterns, although not as much as item 2.1. One possible…

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  • Wrongful Life And Wrongful Birth Laws

    The main premise of this paper will explain wrongful birth and a touch of wrongful life. Many states ban against wrongful life and wrongful birth lawsuits and other states are debating on wrongful birth laws to prevent parents bringing a suit on physicians. In the United States most but not all states permit wrongful birth lawsuits. In wrongful birth suits it is typically used by parents for the birth of a child born with a handicap. Basically, parents argue that the birth of the child should…

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  • What Is Maslow's Theory Of Motivation

    Democratic and Republican nominees for president demonstrate Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Both candidates look healthy; a viewer can tell that both are receiving proper nourishment, and are kempt. These candidates also feel safe; both feel comfortable debating in front of an audience, and for the national audience. Belonging and love is also realized, as the candidates each have their spouses…

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