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  • Exegetical Essay On What Is Real

    The question “what is real” has been scrutinized and asked for generations. What is real is nothing more than electrical impulses interpreted by our brains and our senses people say. How do we trust our senses? Well according to the bible everything we see, feel and hear is real. God gives clues and references throughout the bible about what is real and the beauty in all of it’s creation. God provides many answers to the question. God reveals himself in three simple ways, in his creation and in…

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  • Fretheim's Creation Untamed: The Bible, God And Natural Disasters

    How could an all-powerful, good God allow natural disasters to take lives and bring devastation to millions of people around the world? In Terence Fretheim’s book, Creation Untamed: The Bible, God, and Natural Disasters, the author attempts to answer that exact question. He does this by examining Old Testament passages, drawing conclusions on the nature of God, and His intentions and actions through that. Fretheim does a great job at backing up his claims with empirical evidence from passages…

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  • Empathy In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    water he is shot by a man with a gun, and it is only after this event that he vows “...eternal hatred and vengeance to all mankind” (143). His first murder, which was Victor’s younger brother, William was done completely out of vengefulness for his creator not necessarily because he wanted to murder someone. His original intentions when seizing William was to “...educate him as my [his] companion and friend...” so he would “...not be so desolate in this peopled earth...” (144). He never intended…

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  • The Consequences Of Dehumanization In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    On its face, Frankenstein is the creation story of a man-made human, turned monster. In reality, this tale is not about the creation of human, but rather the monstrous quality of devaluing a human. In short, Victor makes a human by hand, labels it a monster. He spends the rest of the story becoming a monster himself because he refuses to acknowledge the humanity of his creation. Here, to dehumanize a person is a monstrous act. Dehumanization is a broad term for things like: marginalization,…

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  • The Role Of Evil In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    his creation’s impending attack on him, in my opinion, he should have been considering how differently this situation would have been if he had showed compassion towards his creation. His creation put his statement in a succinct fashion: “You, my creator, abhor me; what hope can I gather from your fellow creatures, who owe me nothing?” Since the creation feels no outward love from mankind, why should he care about…

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  • Self Worth In Western Culture Essay

    In the following essay I will address the issue of self-worth in a Western Cultural context (the New Zealand context). The essay will proceed in three parts. The first part will be an exploration of what self-worth in a Western (New Zealand) cultural context looks like. It will endeavour to define what self-worth is exactly, how it differs from self-esteem, and how self-worth is defined in New Zealand. The first section will also explore what some of the markers of being ‘worthy’ are, the things…

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  • Essay On The Role Of Creation In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    to do, with no purpose instilled into them. At its very core, it is a story about the ramifications of creating life, assuming the role of the creator, and ultimately the level responsibility that we are expected from this act. The novel itself seeks to deconstruct the story of genesis and the birth of man, by casting an imperfect being at the role of creator. Victor Frankenstein is the man put into the part of designer. A scientist who heeds no concern to the ethics of science. While Victor…

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  • Annie Dillard Essay

    honestly and openly before God why he created this breathtaking universe in which we live. He certainly did not need to take the time and effort to make such a world. We could just as easily have survived in a barren wasteland of goo. So why did the Creator choose to design and produce such a diverse world? Dillard does not attempt to fully answer this question—her goal is not to have all the answers, but to raise the right questions. She seems to understand that it is both acceptable and…

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  • Dermatologist Responsibilities

    Dermatologist - A dermatologist must be consulted to review my recipes on people and test out their safety. They are able to provide me advice on how to improve the recipe or how to ensure the product is safe for people with sensitive skin. Additionally, I will have a back-up in case the product does not work for the consumer, I am able to say confidently that the item was tested by a dermatologist and that is a credited item. The dermatologist will be highly experienced in the business area I…

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  • Tale Of The Magic Drumstick Analysis

    of his own heart beating. Not to mention how music brings people together. So one night while Francis was sleeping. The creator sent Francis a dream of choke cherry bushes swaying in the wind and elks running through the forest. In the dream he could see the silhouette of a man against a teepee wall playing a hand drum with a drumstick that was illuminating light. The Creator then spoke and said,” Francis my son I see how you love music and want to bring happiness to the people. Here are the…

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