Victor And The Creature And Frankenstein Comparison

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Victor the crazy scientist, responsible for the creation of the big killing monster. Victor did not expect the creature to be a killer. The creature became full of rage when Victor betrayed the creature and refused to do some of things the Creature asked, including creating him a mate. Victor eventually stopped associating with the monster which makes the monster feel lonely and angry. The creature curses his creator because he feels that Victor should not have created him if he was just going to disown him. These characters have similar character traits, and they become more noticeable as the story progresses. Victor and the Creature both experience loneliness in the book. The creature feels like an outcast by man, Victor curses his name and …show more content…
Victor tells us how hard that he works to create his life form. He stays up days and nights wanting to perfect his creation. The Monster tries hard to educate himself so that he can fit in with the humans. He tries to learn the language and how to read and act in the society so that he may fit in. At the beginning of the story Victor was a happy man living a normal life. He began to study how to create his life form. As he got more and more knowledge his love to obtain more knowledge increased. As time went on Victor absorbed himself in his studies, and became obsessive over the creation of his monster, he became a shut in and lost contact with the outside world. The quest for knowledge was ultimately Victors tragic flaw because it caused all of the misery in his life. The knowledge that Victor acquired changed his character from the beginning to the ending of the story. The Creature’s quest for knowledge had a much similar cause. When the creature was first created he was innocent. The monster was not a violent or angry being. He did not know these emotions. The Creature so desperately wanted to fit in with the humans. The creature observed the humans but the behavior they showed him was negative. The Creature would not have been full of rage if not for how the humans treated him. The behaviors that he displayed were imitations from the humans. The creature was trying very hard to adapt to human society and the behaviors he was taught were negative ones. This lead to the Monsters violent and rageful

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