God Is Real Essay

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The question “what is real” has been scrutinized and asked for generations. What is real is nothing more than electrical impulses interpreted by our brains and our senses people say. How do we trust our senses? Well according to the bible everything we see, feel and hear is real. God gives clues and references throughout the bible about what is real and the beauty in all of it’s creation.
God provides many answers to the question. God reveals himself in three simple ways, in his creation and in Jesus Christ. Psalm 19:1 states that the heavens declare his glory and the skies of the work of his hands. Ecclesiastes 3:11 also states that God intricately tuned the physical world, with every soul instilled with a desire for eternity. In effect,
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The bible states that God is the first the designer of life and the Savior of Christians. The best proof of God’s existence is that without Him we couldn’t prove anything at all. Personally I believe that there is a God because of my faith. My faith in God and his word affirms that God is real. I have many reasons why I believe in God and who God is to me. God is always there for me, God is my friend, and God is my creator. God has and never will let me down in my life. He will not always answer my prayers in desperate times, but he does everything for a reason. When you pray to God and ask Him why he has such plans for us he gives us all the same answer. One day all of us will understand the things he is doing and already has done in our …show more content…
He rules the universe and gives life through his son. Eternal life is a personal expression of his love for us and his desire for us to live with him forever. But I have never seemed to fully understand why. God works in mysterious ways and no one can fully understand why God does what He does. His supreme power gives us the ability to fight the devil head on with our creator and feel safe while doing so. I don’t feel like God has ever let me down. God is also the best friend you can ever have. Every time you want to talk to Him or ask Him a question, He is there. God isn’t a phone call or email away, he’s a prayer away. He’s everything and more in time of need, even when I do something wrong. He is a forgiver, caretaker, and best friend. But most importantly God is my

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