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  • Imperialism In Nigeria

    background of the colonial period in Africa may be traced back to the abolition of the Atlantic slave trade by the British in 18th century (Oduwobi, 2011). Interest in Africa was not lost by the European when they ended the slave trade. Africa could supply Europe with raw materials and new markets for European goods. Scientists and explorers were interested in African wildlife and natural resources. European missionaries wanted to convert Africans to Christianity. Many missionaries taught…

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  • Arguments Of A Democratic Deficit

    Democratic Deficit The plurality of Eurosceptic people argue that the European Union has a democratic deficient and I believe they are correct. The EU is fairly removed from individual nation-state governments and lack of accountability results in the loss member-state soverignty (Coughlan 2004). A democratic deficit refers the involvement of citizens in decision-making, and it is a foundational part of a legitimate government (Follesdal and Hix 2006). As discussed earlier, EU law is…

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  • Essay On Refugees In Vietnam

    need to find a new haven. There have been nearly four million Syrians that left their homeland, going to Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. (Chapman, Steve) Hundreds of thousands have set sails across the dangerous Mediterranean Sea to take refuge in Europe, and many have not made this voyage: More than 5,000 people have died in the attempt. Causing many European countries having no choice but to open the doors of their country and let them in. Turkey has over 1.9 million refugees, and Germany is…

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  • Migration In Brazil Case Study

    about 1.9 million of Europeans mainly from Germany, Italy, Protugal and Spain but also from eastern part of the europe such as Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Armenia, and from the Asia - China and Korea. The second wave of migration to Brazil is characterised by inflow another 2.1 million Europeans from Italy, Poland, Russia and Romania between years 1904 – 1930. Most of these migrants from Europe came after First World War.The first influx of Japanese migrants came in 1908. The Asian people settled…

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  • Crusades Religious Factors

    “The Crusades - the most signal and most durable monument of human folly that has yet appeared in any age or nation.” (David Hume) Typically, historians question the events of history, how they happened, when they happened, or even if they happened. In the case of the Holy Crusades, however, the events, and how they occurred are not the source of contention amongst historians. Instead, the motivating factors that initiated the Holy Crusades are under scrutiny. Religion and its involvement…

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  • Greek Impact On Mycenaean Society

    The development of the “seeds” of modern society can be first found in Ancient Greece but Grecian civilization was greatly impacted by the societies that came before it. First the Mesopotamians, and then the Egyptians, moved from an agricultural and herding based culture to a new form of culture called civilization. This new culture was “marked by the appearance of urban centers, the mastery of smelting and with it the techniques for making metal tools and weapons, and the invention of…

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  • French And Indian War Research Paper

    The French and Indian war was a very curious conflict, and the way it began is even more curious. The start of this war can be traced back to a huge demand of beaver fur in Europe, and the competition between France and England for dominance over the most viable trapping territories. But during this war, one major figure in US history got thrust into the limelight, and that Figure was George Washington. In the Article “Ambition, Accomplishment, and acclaim” by Don Higginbotham he states that…

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  • Songia The Great Essay

    Askia the Great – Prosperity of the Songhai Empire Songhai Empire, located in West Africa, reached its peak under the leadership of Askia the Great, an authoritative military leader. He not only expanded the border of the empire but also encouraged education for its citizens. In addition, Askia augmented trade with foreign countries and set up regulations on measurements and customs. He also unified and controlled the nation efficiently by centralizing the government. Under his reign, Songhai…

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  • Spice Empire Case Study

    Pulo Run and from the largest of the Banda islands, Lantore. In 1621, the Dutch drove the English from Bantam although the factory was re-established a few years later. The factors retired to Batavia but because of the hostilities, the Governor and Council turned their attention towards the east coast of India. Some factors from Bantam settled at Masulipatam on the Coromandel Coast. The rivalry with the Dutch culminate in the massacre of the English factors at Amboyna in 1623, after that the…

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  • Why Cabot Came To America

    The most well-known explorers of the 1400-1600s are John Cabot and Cabeza De Vaca. Cabot did not originally go to find America. He simply wanted to find a better trade route to get from Europe to Asia. Now this was a good idea, but he ran into a problem, literally; he ran into America. With finding America, he had become, “the first European to find and describe North America since the Vikings,” (American Journeys). It has been guessed that he took notes but that none of them were found because…

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