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  • Tuesday City Council Case Study

    The temperature outside was 73 degrees, but fuses were blowing at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Continuing business from October’s meeting, councilmember Dale Reynolds requested that a special meeting be held in the interest of homelessness in the city. Having that meeting in the Multi-purpose Room with department heads from city agencies, two council members met on Wednesday to put their heads together to implement a way, to solve the ever growing problem. “Homeless people, whether they…

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  • Compare And Contrast Martin Luther And John Calvin

    needed reforming ? Before the Reformation most Christians in Europe where Roman Catholic, there were other types of Christians in Eastern Europe,Asia and Africa but Roman catholicism was the dominant form of Christianity and had been since the 4th century. During the European Middle ages the Catholic Church really dominated european civilization.The Church during the middle ages was very powerful as they owned over 1/3 of all the land in Europe which helped to make it the most powerful…

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  • European Monarchies

    After the introduction of the feudal system to Europe in the time of Charlemagne, it continued to flourish for centuries. Landlords took the place of monarch for many peasants and commoners, until around the ninth century A.D. when many places in Europe began establishing national monarchies, creating many of the modern European countries we are familiar with today. The creation of these consolidated kingdoms, along with the natural progression of social organization and technology, triggered…

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  • The Genghis Khan Empire In Medieval Europe

    The effects of the Genghis Khan Empire in medieval Europe The Mongols were primarily nomadic people, however, in the late 12th century, a ruler named Temujin was able to bring them together. Temujin incorporated different tribes into one and formed the Genghis Khan Empire. In 1209, the Genghis Khan Empire invaded northern china, and continued their invasion for the following decades; by 1279 the entire Chinese region would be under the Mongol rule. Under Temujin’s grandson, the Mongols spread…

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  • Social And Economic Changes In The Middle Ages

    Balkans, buffered by internal wars that threatened the very foundation of its political life, Europe shuddered.”1 This negative view of the late Middle Ages also results from the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) that opposed France and England for over a century, popular uprisings that punctuated the 13th and 14th centuries, the economic contraction and the great Schism that divided the Catholic church. However, Europe in the late Middle Ages “shrugged and forged ahead”, in other words, people of…

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  • Europeanization And European Identity

    really is Europe. There is no document directly stating what Europe is and which states are parts of it. Not knowing the boundaries and not having a concrete definition makes Europe an imagined community. Though such is the case, a lot of people still claim that they are European because they feel a sense of belongingness in a certain community (Europe). This could be due to their interrelated history or…

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  • Difference Between Europeanization And European Integration

    united and peaceful Europe as a common project. With this blurred idea in mind and way too optimistic about the idea of Europe as one, the Austrian Count Coudenhove Kalergi, in 1923, founded the Pan-European Movement. He was the first one to conceive of a union of European nations and also wrote the Pan-Europa manifesto in 1923. In 1926, he managed to bring together diverse political figures in the First European Congress held in Vienna. In his manifesto, he has beautifully said: “Europe as a…

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  • Western Use Of Religion Essay

    Microtheme #4 In Western usage, the word “Crusade” has lost it’s original meaning “A war of the cross.” When used in Western terms the word has been associated with religion, and has also been associated with “Good vs Evil.” Yet “Crusade” remains a very sensitive word in the Middle East, were the Crusades are still seen as a loss and defeat against what is most important, religion. Religious beliefs have been used as a tool of war to further social, political and religious aims. This discussion…

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  • Essay On Reformation Pros And Cons

    Catholic Church was reformed in Germany in Western Europe, then to other parts of and later to other parts of the world. This move was initiated officially by Martin Luther in 1517, who challenged the church of Roman for selling indulgences. Martin’s initiative occurred when he discussed his disappointments by posting ninety-five theses and directing them to the church authorities. The church was excluded from power, and parliament, city and royal councils formed as a result of the reformation.…

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  • Heliocentric Theory Of Astronomy

    The Council of Trent, called by Pope Paul III, took place from 1545 to 1563. This meeting of cardinals, archbishops, abbots, bishops, and theologians met in Trent to discuss how to best combat Protestantism. The largest argument between these church leaders consisted of whether to compromise their doctrines to encourage the return of Protestants to the Church, or to reiterate traditional teachings in strong opposition to the Protestants. The latter group’s position won out, and the Council of…

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