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  • Case Study: Laissez-Faire Leadership

    gives no feedback, and makes little effort to help followers satisfy their needs. In the case of Crestview, Mayor Cadle didn’t make any comment at the violation of sunshine law by the City Council members. Similarly, the reading did not show any comment from Mayor in the case of resignation of City Council member Berezo, City Attorney Holley, and termination of Administrative Service Director Mike Wing. Skill Approach: Mayor Cadle has a 38-year experience of High School Band Director, where…

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  • Jesus And The Catholic Church

    There are many people and religious sects that resemble the Scribes and Pharisees from when Jesus was walking the earth. Even though there is plenty of evidence of the events that took place some two thousand years ago, people and religious groups do not believe they had taken place. Some groups that could resemble the Pharisees and Scribes of today lack some of the attributes of the teachers of the past. When Jesus was dealing with the questions of the different religious sects of the day, He…

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  • Theological Convergence Summary

    H. Edward Pruitt starts 100 Years of Theological Convergence: Edinburgh 1910 to Lausanne 2010 with an introduction. In this introduction, he starts off with his thesis; “This thesis argues that a theological convergence developed out of the ecumenism that existed within the Edinburgh 1910 Global Missions Conference, and that this ecumenism grew from Edinburg 1910 until the Lausanne Movement that began in 1974, at which point it began to flourish” (Pruitt 5). He then defines some terms and lists…

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  • Short Summary: Belrose And The Rainforest

    Belrose Summary Belrose is known locally as The Forest because of its lush greenery and proximity to two national parks and leafy landscape. The centre of Sydney is a mere 19 kilometres away, making the work or play commute easy by vehicle or bus. When the locals aren’t working in the city, they are spending time with their families in one of the lush parks or playgrounds. Local retirees love this pristine little paradise where they can relax, enjoy retirement, play golf, and watch the local…

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  • Pros Of Being Homeless

    A recent drive around Phoenix for me, made me realize the number of homeless people panhandling for money on street corners. At some point during a calendar year in the Untired States, 1.5 million are homeless looking for a place to sleep and food to eat (Katel). Of this 1.5 million, 80 percent or around 1.2 million are considered transitionally homeless, meaning that they have had a run of bad luck and are homeless for a short amount of time, usually around a couple months. Imagine if instead…

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  • Summary: Development Of Citizenship In The Early Roman Republic

    participants in the Roman economy. This group of people was called the plebeians, which constituted a new political faction that would oppose the dominance of the Patricians in the Senate. During this time, the Plebeians would form their own political council in order to countermand the citizenship of the Patricians. The Concilium Plebis was soon formed as a result of the “conflict of orders” that would challenge the rights of citizenship for Roman workers and lower level merchant classes. This…

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  • City Council Meeting Reflection

    1. Description and Resolution of the Event The October 6th Philadelphia City Council meeting afforded me the long awaited opportunity to see the inside of one of my favorite architectural landmarks. As a kid growing up not far from the city, I’d occasionally pass it during a family or school outing. Although still young, I was mesmerized and intrigued by its size and magnificent architectural details. For this reason, and in defiance of friend’s suggestion that I should just stay at home and…

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  • The Three Causes Of The Empty Chair Crisis

    which are the result of many elements. In summary, there are following three main causes: Charles de Gaulle’s ambition; France’s interests on CAP and budgetary power of the European Parliament; majority voting in decision-making procedure of the Council of Ministers. In author’s perspective, these three reasons are of progressive relations. 2.2.1 Charles de Gaulle’s ambition Charles de Gaulle was one of the strongest and greatest of French leaders since Napoleon. As the president during the new…

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  • The Influence Of Indulgence On The Catholic Church

    of the Church–– but some had taken actions into accord when reform was requested or needed. The Nineteenth Ecumenical Council–– which was moreover known as the Council of Trent, had played a role in the reform on the Catholic Church. It was also considered to be one of the most important councils throughout the history of Roman Catholic Churches. Before the formation of the council, Martin Luther, a monk who was born in Germany became an important icon during the 16th Century when he began the…

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  • Is Hamlet Catholic

    Through out Shakespeare's Hamlet, there are many Protestant and Roman Catholic elements in it. The character Hamlet is a prime example of the representation of copious Catholic beliefs about purgatory, suicide, and ghosts. Many have speculated that Hamlet is a closeted Catholic despite there being no mention of it in the play. Although small vital details in the play give away the real possibility that he is Catholic, which could've been a way of Shakespeare himself drop hints of his own faith.…

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