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  • Britain's Role In Joining The European Community

    established after WWII in 1957, buy the agreements of the Treaty of Rome. The Treaty of Rome focused on economic co-operations with European countries, but also set out a wider political vision of a closer union and eliminates the barriers that divided Europe. During the signing of the treaty, France Belgium, Luxembourg, West Germany, the Netherlands and Italy became the first members of the Union. It was the result of eleven years of attempt to reconstruct the European continent after World…

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  • Peace Post Ww2 Analysis

    Following the end of World War II, peace was on the mind of many of the world’s citizens. It was clear that stubborn positions of nationalism had not only feed the beast that was Nazis Germany, but had also prevented capable, neighboring powers in Europe from coming together quickly enough to halt the blitz early on. European economies, militaries, and citizens were left horribly ravished, displaced and war-torn. Only an astonishing 20 years had passed between the end of the First World War and…

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  • A Response To 'America Before Columbus'

    The ancient native american city of Cahokia was unknown to me prior to reading this article. What surprised me while reading was the fact that their leader “Great Sun” was a tyrannical leader when I initially thought that most indian tribes had councils or elder in charge. The misconceptions that Europeans had about the North American Continent was the thinking that it was in a location closer to Asia and India, hence the Europeans calling the Native Americans the term “Indians.” Another…

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  • Political Refugees In Syria

    Political Refugees of Syria The worst migration crises of the generation has swept through Europe. Unwilling to prevent civil war in the neighboring country Syria hundreds of thousands of Syrians flood Europe. Europe is unprepared and overwhelmed by number of refugees from surrounding poor countries and Syrians fleeing war. Migrant crises is nothing new to The United States and its southern states being discussed in, “America Is Committed to take more Syrian Refugees, According to John…

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  • Ap European History Dbq Analysis

    so weak, these towns developed autonomous, self-governing bodies that considered themselves a community that was made up of most middle-class citizens, which tended to govern themselves through a number of organizations. (Document 1) By examining Europe, as well…

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  • Causes Of The Outbreak Of War

    ideas. […] One day will come when […] the bombs will be replaced with the […] venerable arbitrage of a great sovereign Parliament […]. One day will come when we will see these two immense groups, the United States of America and the United States of Europe.” (Brennan and Murray, n.d.)Victor Hugo said this at the Peace Congress Discourse in August 1849. In this essay…

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  • Conscription In The Roman Empire

    large impact upon much of Europe. The Napoleonic regime was undeniably militaristic in nature and the existence of widespread conscription clearly highlights this. In the past historians have often regarded the empire as being purely a military enterprise. For example Georges Lefebvre branded the empire a ‘military dictatorship’. However, as contemporary historians have argued, it cannot be considered to have purely been a military enterprise as it reformed much of Europe. Napoleon introduced…

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  • First Crusade Persuasive Essay

    The First Crusade began in 1096 after Pope Urban II’s speech at the Council of Clermont in 1095. One version of Urban’s Speech at Clermont was recorded by Fulcher de Chartes, a priest who also participated in the Crusades. While this version of Pope Urban II’s speech is one of the more reliable sources of the said speech, there is still a great chance for bias especially as Fulcher de Chartes was a crusader himself. This one speech, whether or not it was an accurate recording of what Pope Urban…

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  • Gender Issues In Ww2

    While focusing on the war ramifications at home and across Europe, the YWCA was also encouraging and aiding women in their desire to aid the war effort. Women moving from farms to cities to work in factories and offices needed guidance and training. The iconic Rosie the Riveter stemmed from the YWCA work program. (Jensen, 2014) In some countries, especially in Eastern Europe, YWCAs were censored or disbanded. Throughout occupied Europe, the women of the YWCA worked relentlessly to construct…

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  • Bonaparte French Revolution

    In the Napoleonic Era, life in Europe was drastically different. Revolution in France sparked the rebellious spirit deep within the people of many nations. Under the Emperor’s, Napoleon Bonaparte, control France behaved as a new nation. At its peak she nearly dominated the entirety of the continent, and even stretched her influence into other parts of the world. However, she did have one rival that did not submit as easily as the rest, Britain. In an attempt to break Britain, Napoleon…

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